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Phanteks PH-F140 (XP, SP, SP_LED) Case Fan Review


Phanteks PH-F140(XP, SP, SP_LED) Fans Conclusion:

I don't know what I was expecting exactly. I had never run such a large cooler in my system but I really believed that my water cooler was a little bit better. Phanteks threw that notion out the window. The fans performed way beyond what I thought possible with such a simple air cooler. Not to take anything away from the cooler itself, but the Phanteks fans did essentially outperform the stock fan in every aspect (though only if the rpm, power, and noise are brought into account). Phanteks started off with a pretty great reputation, and they seem to be very determined to keep it. They have successfully taken to redesigning their own fans and tweaking them into better performance. As I have previously stated, the products Phanteks puts out are always top of the line and at this rate they always will be.

Though the XP did not completely dethrone the faster Noctua, it was very nearly its equal and at lower settings across the board. I genuinely believe that, if the PWM was adjusted, it could match toe-to-toe with the faster fan. This is due to the performance of the SP and the SP_LED. They were undeniably the best cooling fans among there peers and competition. They were quieter and slower but still produced temperatures that were better than both of the PWM base fans. Which makes sense given that the PWM fans are basically responding to temperatures where the SP's are preemptively running at max at all times. Now with that reality brought to light, lets talk about the fact that the NF-A15's low noise running speed and sound production is the same as the Phanteks PH-F140XP's max speed and noise production. Now I am sure that this doesnt sound like a good thing but it is. Because it more accurately depicts the comparison of their designs. The fact that the tests resulted in better temperature for the Phanteks when both fans were running at the same speed shows that its Maelstrom Vortex Booster design not only sounds awesome, it is awesome.

At first glance I was skeptical about some of the quirks these fans have (like the 4-3pin converter and the mostly irremovable LED cable) but then I saw their price. $17.99 seems high, but is in fact amazingly low for the performance and size, comparing to and trumping fans that can be around 50% more expensive (I really did find a good number for $27). Given the price point for these fans they are absolutely amazing. Add in the 5-year warranty and you can't go wrong. Phanteks is going to continue to succeed if they keep their products great and their prices competitive. Air cooling is not a dead art and is still gaining ground, and if Phanteks has its way, will continue to do so for years to come.



  • Flexible RPM (XP only)
  • Nearly silent
  • Low power consumption 
  • Really Powerful 
  • On and Off for the LED (SP_LED only) 
  • Competitive Price



  • None


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