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Phanteks PH-TC14PE Review

Price: $89.99


We finally have some fresh blood entering the CPU cooling market! With the release of its introductory line of flagship coolers, the PH-TC14PE, Phanteks will be well on the road to success if it hits the nail on the head with this cooler. Said to have over 20 years of international experience in providing thermal solutions for CPUs and computers in general, the European-based company believes that, with its expertise, no job is impossible. Hopefully today we can see that slogan come true in this review.

With little knowledge of the company itself, I can't say much for the its reputation. Hopefully, the PH-TC14PE is going to establish Phanteks' reputation and set the bar very high. I'm excited to see this monster in action and try it out for myself. By looking at the specifications of these massive coolers (available in Silver, Blue, Red, and Orange), I can tell that if they are designed and executed well we may have a new top dog here in the mist of heatsink manufacturers. Coming to the US market at the hefty price of $89.99, slightly higher than the similar design of Noctua's NH-D14, I can tell that Phanteks is proud of this cooler, and I hope it performs appropriately! The availability of the different colors is a neat addition to this product's release, especially with the matching blades on the included 140mm fans.

One aspect of Phanteks and this cooler that has very much impressed me is the warranty that's packaged with this product. Not only is there a five (5) year warranty on parts and labor, but within the first year of purchase the cooler is eligible for Phanteks' "hassle-free" warranty, which includes a replacement cooler along with a prepaid box to return the defective cooler back to Phanteks. For a company to offer a five-year warranty on a product shows extreme confidence in its product. Not even Noctua matches this guarantee!

Without trying to hype up these coolers too much, I will go into the detail of the review. In this article, I will provide a thorough evaluation of Phanteks' PH-TC14PE from unboxing, an up-close and detailed look at the cooler itself and my thoughts of it, specifications and features, to an intense testing session where it will compete against other top models currently on the market. With that being said, let's get started. 

Closer Look:

Phanteks chose to package these coolers in identical boxes that show all four colors on the front of the box along with a close-up shot of the silver, uncolored model. Identifying which color is inside can be accomplished by looking at the black sticker next to the corresponding picture on the top. The Phanteks logo resides on the upper-right corner of the front of the box, and on the upper-left is a label stating its compatibility with LGA 2011 and AM3+/FM1. The right side of the box displays the specifications of the cooler such as weight, overall dimensions, and fan information as well as a "scope of delivery" list that describes the contents of the box in detail.

The rear of the box has a small "blurb" about the technologies that are found in the PH-TC14PE in ten languages. Mentioned here is the P.A.T.S and C.P.S.C technology. These stand for Physical Antioxidant Thermal Shield, which is said to increase cooling performance by deflecting thermal radiation from other heat sources (northbridge, video cards, etc.) and Cold Plasma Spraying Coating, which increases thermal conductivity on soldered interfaces such as the fins onto the heatpipes and heatpipes into the base. The right side of the box explains these two technologies plus other features and general information about the design of the cooler.



Neatly packaged inside of the box is the heatsink, two fans, and the accessory box. Inside the accessory box is all the Intel and AMD mounting hardware, fan clips, thermal paste, silicone dampening strips and more, plus the installation and user manual. Overall, the packaging is of high quality and is clearly labeled. The manual seems very clear and installation looks easy to accomplish.




As I said in the introduction, these coolers are available in four different colors. In the rest of the review, I will be featuring the uncolored silver model as they are all identical in specifications and features. The silver model will match with any color scheme and the red and blue could look great near the appropriately colored motherboards. The orange cooler may have more difficulty matching certain schemes, but it's still available nevertheless. I don't believe any other heatsink model is available in as many colors as the PH-TC14PE is, at least none that I have experienced.




Now that I have everything unpackaged, it's time to take a close look at the cooler itself.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (continued)
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing & Results
  5. Conclusion
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