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Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Review


Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Closer Look:

Last time I reviewed a Phanteks chassis the company was in the process of bringing its accessories lineup to the market. Being a few months and a brand new chassis later, Phanteks has provided its retail accessories to be included in this review. It will, however, not affect the final score for the Enthoo Luxe. Consider this more of an overview of all the goodies that can be acquired through retail channels.

First up is the pump bracket (PH-PUMBKT_01), which is identical to the one included with the Luxe. This item can be found for around $9 and allows the ability to install a second pump next to the first one. To install the bracket, the hard drive cages must be removed, then attach the pump and screw it into place. While this most likely will not be on the top of anyone's list to buy first, it's good the option is available if the bracket is lost or a second is needed.



Next up is Phanteks' PWM Fan Hub (PH-PWHUB_01) that can be acquired for around $20. After unboxing the little device, it is actually the same one pre-installed on the Luxe, but with a clam shell case. The shell can be removed via one screw and placed on its own mount slightly below the existing one. For those who like a billion fans, this second addition brings the total count to ten fan headers without splitters. All the necessary parts are included and there isn't anything technically stopping this from being installed in another non-Phanteks chassis. Provided there is available mounting space.



Item number three is a 3-pin Y Splitter (PH-CB-Y3P), 4.3" long, and can be found for around $5. This allows for up to 11 fans on one fan hub, if Phanteks once again delivers on the quality. The Y splitter features a single braided cable and shrink wrapped ends. It's not an exciting item and slightly pricey, considering others cost far less depending on your quality preference, so let's move along.


Moving down the line are two similar items. On the left is a single slot SSD bracket (PH-SDBKT_01) and on the right the dual slot bracket mount for two SSDs (PH-SDBKT_02) to be stacked on top of each other. Each bracket can be found for around $9 retail and is great for anyone looking to expand their SSD arsenal. With SSD mounts behind the tray becoming more common, it's just a matter on time until traditional hard drive cages are no longer necessary. Prices of SSDs are rapidly dropping, and I feel this is the perfect time for Phanteks to invest in some R&D and blow us away with its next big idea.



Last up is Phanteks exclusive lighting kit for the Enthoo Luxe. The RGB LED strips come in two sizes of one (PH-LEDKT_M1) and two (PH-LEDKT_M) meters, retailing around $20 and $25, respectively. These light kits are perfect for anyone looking to brighten up the inside of the Enthoo Luxe. Installation was a hassle, like every other LED strip I've ever installed. Being slightly more bulky than other brands, it didn't feel like the extra light strips were an initial design choice, but more of afterthought. After deciding to go with the two meter strip, the package opened up like a clam shell and popped out. Installing the cable isn't the best I've seen, because the connector is behind the tray and extends mid-way across the top bay. Therefore the starting point of the strip had to be there and it limited the possibilities of starting points. Secondly the 3M tape started to peel off on its own and couldn't hold its own weight across the top. I managed to loop the strip through a hole to avoid sagging. It wasn't fun to install the LED strip; granted you only have to deal with installation once so it isn't a huge deal.



  1. Phanteks Enthoo Luxe: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Closer Look: The Case
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  4. Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Closer Look: Advanced Features
  5. Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Closer Look: Retail Accessories
  6. Phanteks Enthoo Luxe: Specifications & Features
  7. Phanteks Enthoo Luxe: Testing: Setup & Results
  8. Phanteks Enthoo Luxe: Conclusion
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