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Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX Case Review


Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX Case Conclusion:

My initial impressions of the Enthoo Evolv ITX were that it was a slick looking case that looked like it had a lot of upside after reading the documentation. That initial impression did not change through the course of my testing. In fact, once I opened it up the proverbial light bulb went off as I could see the liquid cooling potential in this case. Phanteks made the internal volume large enough to accommodate up to three radiators, if you count the rear fan mount. The upper bracket can hold either one 240mm or one 280mm radiator, the front bracket can handle a single 240mm rad, and the rear fan mount can handle a 140mm radiator. In a case that measures a conservative 9" x 15" x 15" that is an accomplishment. Add in the multi-function bracket and you can mount a pump/res combo to fill out the custom cooling loop.

If you are not that adventurous, you can easily get away with a high end air cooler or All-in-One liquid cooling solution like the H90 I used in my testing. The chassis is just that flexible. If you go with the full on water cooling system, Phanteks includes filters for the inbound air stream at the front of the case and on the PSU air intake. Keeping the dust bunnies out makes monthly maintenance that much easier.

Storage options on the Evolv ITX are sufficient for most of the small form factor aficionados. You can mount up to four drives by using the two SSD mounts and the two 3.5-inch tool-less drive brackets to hold a pair of spinning drives. If your motherboard supports an M.2 slot on the back side of the board, you can further expand your storage capacity.

As far as actually building a rig into the Evolv ITX, it really could not go smoother. Everything lines up quite well without any twisting or tweaking. Phanteks helps out with the wire management, using a pair of Velcro straps and included wire ties to ensure you get everything tightly in place. One suggestion would be that any end user should step up to a modular power supply to minimize the excess wiring in the case. If you do not, there is a moderate amount of space that can accommodate the excess wiring as my own install shows. It's just not as pretty. Grommets are used where the wiring comes through the motherboard tray, helping improve the looks of the build even further once you put the windowed side panel on.

Phanteks has hit all the right steps putting this chassis together. It's a great looking, smallish case available in red, black, or white that you can make your own. Priced between $69 and $74, the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX is a great value and the perfect jumping off point for your Mini-ITX Build.



  • Good looks
  • Cooling potential
  • Interior volume
  • Drive mounting options
  • Water cooling ready
  • Filtered inbound air 



  • None


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