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Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV Review


Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV: Closer Look

Removing the front panel this time around, was fairly easy and only requires a light tug from the top and bottom to release it from the frame. Behind the panel is a single pre-installed 200mm fan. Additionally, the fan can be removed to make way for up to a 240mm radiator. Similar to the front, the top allows up to a 240mm radiator to be installed for water cooling or two 140mm fans. However, the top does not come with a traditional dust filter, instead it relies on the panel itself to filter dust.



In the pictures below, the I/O ports are setup in a strange way in which they are placed on the left side and spread apart. This isn't Phanteks best idea by putting the I/O ports on the left side. By doing this, the EVOLV is limited in its placement, which needs to be seriously considered when buying any computer chassis. To wrap things up, the top has the power button with a hard drive activity light below while the bottom half includes the audio and two USB 3.0 ports. Once again this design choice isn't something I would expect out of Phanteks.



Behind the front panel and dust filter, the white LED light can be switched out with either a red or green LED. This, of course, depends of preference, though the white light suites the chassis just fine. For the modding community, any color LED could be put in its place.


From my previous endure with the Thermaltake Urban T81, I was prepared for another hinged side panels. This time around both front and rear panels come off. To remove, simply open the panel mid way, and lifting it off the hinges. There isn't anything really stopping the panel from coming off the hinges if not closed all the way. Therefore while installing components, remember to take off the panels rather than trying to work around them. The hinged door idea is convenient compared to a traditional thumb screw design.


Inside the chassis was a nice sized box with the label "Accessories Box", and inside the box was all the extra goodies seen below. Phanteks did well and went all out as far as accessories go and if anyone has seen a Phanteks chassis over the last year, will know what to expect and it's no different this time around. Up first, the screws came in its own container, with a good amount of extra thumb and fan screws on top of the necessary ones. The manual was very well detailed, explaining what this chassis offers, what can be removed, and how to remove it. Lastly, the new addition of a water pump bracket was an interesting item, which allows a pump to be secured in place inside the chassis.

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