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Performance-PC is a Copyright Infringer


By: Matt Cameron
Date: March 26th, 2004
Content Stolen: Images & Text
Infringer: http://www.performance-pc.net
Update: Performance-PC.net has removed all of our copyrighted material as of 03/26/04

A lot of hard time and work goes in to writing a professional product review, like found here on OverclockersClub.com. A lot of people may think it only takes an hour or so to write such a detailed review, but much more time goes in to a review than what it seems. A typical review can take anywhere from 3 - 16 man hours to complete. Regardless of how long it takes to write one of our reviews, there is always low life thief’s that could careless about how long it takes. All they want to do is rip your information and have it for their own use. Today, we're going to take a look at thief from Elgin, Oklahoma that goes by the name of Skyler Unruh.

Skyler created his web site, Performance-PC.net on February 27th, 2003. The first copyrighted infringement that we are going to look at is one that has been ripped off from our site, the Coolermaster Cooldrive 3 Review written by Bryan McDaniel, Overclockers Club Senior Editor. Mr. Unruh's ripped version of ours can be found at: http://www.performance-pc.net/reviews/cooldrive.html (Sorry, I'm not linking to his site. Copy and paste the link in your browser). Let's take a more In-depth look at this plagiarism.

This is his main reviews page. You can see that he has completed three reviews. The one we are interested in right now, is the Coolermaster CoolDrive 3 review. Let's take a closer look at it!

As we can see from the above screenshot of his infringed document, you will first notice that he has ripped our copyrighted images from our review. This is a quick way a thief can post a review, by stealing images of the products rather than taking the images themselves. If I recall, about 2 hours worth of time went in to making these images. The thief just saved 2 hours worth of time.

In this next screenshot you will again see more ripped images. Check out the text: "The CoolDrive 3 arrived in its own black and blue cardboard box, inside was the CoolDrive 3 inside a thin plastic bag. Good thing UPS didn't bang-up the package, otherwise the CoolDrive 3 could have ended up in pretty beat-up shape." sound similar? Well maybe because we used the exact same verbiage under the exact same image: "A cardboard box, and a thin plastic bag was all CoolerMaster used to package this. Good thing UPS around here doesn't break every package they ship, otherwise the CoolDrive3 could have ended up in pretty bad shape." He did change it around a bit, which is a sure sign of at least a half brain thief.

In this screenshot you see a sure sign of copyright infringement of text (and images). The text: "The CoolDrive 3 is actually put together very solid, in most areas the case measures approximately 3mm. As you can see the front and top of the CoolDrive 3 displays a "CoolDrive 3" logo. Of course, this is an internal unit, so once it goes inside your case, no one will probably ever see the logo on the top of the drive..." is an exact copy-and-paste from our original work.

There is really no need to go any further. I think the point has been made that Skyler has absolute no respect for copyrighted material.

If you wish to contact Mr. Unruh to voice your opinion about what he has done you can feel free to contact him. His mailing address, physical address, and his phone # can be found here or here.

OR if you wish to email Mr. Unruh feel free to email him at: [email protected].

Update: March 26, 2004
Mr. Unruh sent me the following Email today:

From: Skyler Unruh [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Friday, March 26, 2004 1:57 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Hi there....

Yeah... I was planning on changing it, I only was using it for awhile... I have been really busy with school and work. Didn't have time to write a decent review on it, BUT all my other reviews are authentic. Honestly I don't care what you or your website think of me or my website... I post information so that it can be used by fellow computer enthusiast to read and decide if the product is good or not. Yes, I know that I used your review without permission, it was going to be changed much earlier but I have been extremely busy.
I really appreciate you trying to screw me and my business over though, I never did anything like that you nor your company. So here's whats going to happen... I will remove the "stolen" review, and replace it with an authentic review that should have been put up in the first place. And you will retract some of your "fucked up" statements you made on your website and in newsletters. I feel that the internet is a place to learn things, pick up information about stuff... there is no need for namecalling and so forth.
You, on the other hand NEVER sent me an email asking me to remove the review. If I would have been asked to pull it, it wouldn't be up... so I am a thief now. And so are millions of other people running on illegal copies of XP, 2000, 98... etc, etc, etc. Call me what you want it really doesn't bother me... honestly I never visit your site, I found the review link on another site which I visit frequently.
You need to remove my contact information from your website immediately or I will be forced to take legal action. The review which this was all started about is now gone from my site... so now meet your end. If you want to pull dirt up, I'm sure I can start digging around in your past and pull up some shit you wouldn't want anyone to know about. But that's not what I enjoy doing with my free time, this could have all been resolved with a simple email asking me to remove it. I know that it shouldn't have been posted in the first place, but as stated before... was short on time, needed to get stuff up and going... so it was posted temporarily.
- Skyler Unruh / Performance-PC.net

I replied to his email with:


Thanks for the quick reply. I never thought that I would get a reply from you, since your site appears to of been abandoned (since a review has not been done since October of last year). The main reason I posted the article on my site, is hopefully to make a point across to anyone else that may think it's alright to copy someone's content.
As for "What's going to happen" I would recommend that you remove the copyrighted information (see the attached cease and desist letter) from your web site to prevent any legal actions from taking place. I will be more than happy to remove your personal information from my site, I know privacy is hard to come by these days.
You say that you honestly never visit our site, and yet you found this article within hours of me posting it?
"This could have all been resolved with a simple email asking me to remove it." No. This could all of have never of happened or had to be resolved, if you had not of stolen our content.

Thank you for your help in this matter.

Best Regards,

Matt Cameron
Founder / Editor-in-Chief
Overclockers Club

[email protected]
ICQ 11382784

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