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Patriot Extreme Performance DDR2 2GB (2 x 1GB) PC2-8500 RAM Review

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Price: 360.00 USD


Today I'll be reviewing a dual channel kit of memory modules geared for the gaming enthusiast made by Patriot Memory. They are part of their Extreme Performance (EP) Eased Latency line. It consists of 2 modules, each 1 GB in size, which are matched pairs. These modules are rated at PC2-8500 speed, which is 1066 MHz, with timings of 5-5-5-9. These memory modules are also EPP ready.

What is EPP? EPP (Enhanced Performance Profiles) stands for an open standard developed by Nvidia and adopted by most mainstream memory makers used to write additional information to the spd chip of each memory module. This information contains the parameters to set the memory timings to on select motherboards that support this feature. While memory modules with Enhanced Performance Profiles will work on any motherboard, only motherboards equipped with properly-designed BIOS's, such as those designed for NVIDIA nForce® 590 and 680 SLI media and communications processors (MCPs), will detect the presence of these new capabilities and prompt the user to set PC boot parameters for guaranteed optimized settings. When paired with NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI or 590 SLI-based motherboards, SLI-Ready memory exposes advanced performance memory settings.

Patriot Memory is a division of PDP Systems Inc. Patriot offers a full range of premium memory module solutions for desktop, notebook, server, storage systems, as well as mobile applications. Patriot solutions include Extreme Performance for extreme gamers and PC enthusiasts, Signature Lines for reliability, quality and value upgrades, and a Flash memory line for PC and mobile applications. Patriot Memory is a member of JEDEC, the Apple Developer Connection, the Intel Developer Forum, the SD Association and the MMC Association. Patriot Memory is headquartered in Fremont, California, USA, and has sales offices located throughout the USA and Asia.

Closer Look:

The memory came in a standard plastic clamshell enclosure. At first look, I thought it was that impossible to open without cutting, but quickly found out it was not. It was easy to open without resorting to any sharp objects. The plastic was molded to hold each module in place securely so they do not incur any damage during shipment. Also, there was an attractive paper insert in the enclosure to showcase the memory modules, which had the phone number for tech support on it.

These modules come with a lifetime warranty. They have black aluminum heat spreaders on them to facilitate in dispersing the heat generated. This would be especially helpful for the overclocking enthusiast in all of us. Each side of each module has a raised and brushed aluminum logo, "DDR2" on one side and "Patriot" on the other. The heat spreaders are slightly finned to increase the surface area for more heat dissipation. The attached labels show off the Patriot red, white and blue colors and allow you to clearly see the model number and timings of the modules. They also have free technical support if you should ever need it. So, let us see if these modules perform as well as they look.

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