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Patriot Viper Series Tri Channel DDR3 PC3 10666 3x2 GB Review

Price: $266


Patriots Viper series of modules are geared toward the enthusiast. Flashy heatspreaders and performance capabilities beyond their specifications are what I have seen in the past. This PC3-10666 Enhanced Latency kit contains three, 2GB modules for a combined total of six gigabytes of DDR3 10666 memory. Six gigs of memory?! I cant even use the  four gigs I have currently installed, I hear you saying. To take advantage of this much memory you will need a 64-bit operating system to address the entire six gigabytes. Sure you could install it on a 32-bit system, but would there be any performance difference between a three and six gigabyte setup? I'll have to see now, won't I? This Viper series set of memory from Patriot is part of the Enhanced Latency lineup and features latencies of 9-9-9-24 using 1.65 volts, the maximum recommended vDIMM according to the Intel specification for the Core I7 processors. The modules are certified for use on the X58 based motherboards and carry an XMP profile for easy system setup.

Closer Look:

The Viper Series Tri Channel PC3-10666 come pakaged in a box rather than the clamshell or blister pack so commonly used for packaging memory modules. The front of the box gives a preview of the modules showing off the signature Viper series heatspreaders. Highlights noted are the XMP profile and the fact that these modules are designed specifically for use in Tri Channel mode on motherboards featuring the Intel X58 chipset. The rear panel lists contact information, tech support information, and the fact that these modules carry a lifetime warranty.














The modules are contained inside the box locked into a clamshell that is easily opened. The three Viper Series modules are visible as well as an installation and troubleshooting manual, just in case.



The Viper Series modules are targeted at the enthusiast and gamer. This set is rated at 9-9-9-24 at 1333MHz using 1.65 volts to reach this speed. The modules are clad in Patriots proprietary ACC (Aluminum Copper Composite) heatspreaders that are blue in color. The ACC heatspreaders have a copper inner layer that is in contact with the modules to draw the heat from the modules, and then transfers it out through the aluminum to be dissipated through the fins. If you look closely along the fins you will see a rib running from the top to the bottom of the Viper heatspreader. This alone increases the surface area to provide additional cooling "capacity".




Lets see if the increase in system memory from three gigabytes to a six gigabyte setup provides an increase in performance for the additional cost.


  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Specifications & Features
  3. Testing: (Setup, CPU-z, Task Manager, Overclocking)
  4. Testing: (PcMark Vantage, Sandra 2009)
  5. Testing: Company of Heroes
  6. Conclusion
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