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Patriot Viper 4 3400MHz 8GB Review


Patriot Viper 4 3400MHz 8GB Conclusion:

After taking some time to play with these modules, I have found that they deliver good performance across the entire test suite. In the majority of the tests run, this set of Patriot Viper 4 DIMMs usually performed just lower than the top performer in the comparison field. Not a bad showing indeed. Running at 3400MHz with decent timings of 16-18-18-36 out of the box shows that speed does equal performance when all other things are equal. In the gaming test, this kit from Patriot showed the largest overclocking performance gain during the gaming benchmark. Before jumping off the deep end, I should temper that statement some by saying that the maximum increase at 1920 x 1080 was a 1.3 FPS gain.

The last high speed memory kit from Patriot I looked at did not leave a lot of meat on the bone for the enthusiast and overclocker. I was pleasantly surprised with this set as there was plenty of margin leftover if you want to tune and tweak. I was able to reach a maximum speed of just over 3700MHz by loosening the timings to 17-19-19-40 and bumping the applied voltage up to 1.5v. A bit high for air cooling, but achievable. The modules did respond with improved performance across the board with this overclock. You can tune in a lower speed with tighter timings if you take the time to go that route.

If you want to just plug and play, the Viper 4 series modules do come supported by an XMP 2.0 profile that allows you to change one setting in the BIOS and reboot the computer. No timing or voltage adjustments were needed to run this profile. Unfortunately, this is not the case with all modules, but it seems Patriot did its homework on this one as the profile worked just fine.

Patriot introduced the current Viper series heat sink with there foray into the DDR4 marketplace. The design has so far proven to be both good looking and functional, even when you crank up the voltage. Good chassis airflow will easily keep the Viper 4 modules from overheating. If you have a large heat sink on your processor you can gain some additional cooling due to the airflow across the modules. At 38mm tall from the top of the DIMM socket, you get a functional but not overly tall heat sink package. If you want to go to the extent of liquid cooling or even having some sub zero fun, the fins of the heat sink are removable for a flat mounting surface on top of the DIMM. Visually, the good looks of the Patriot Viper 4 modules fit the theme of ASUS Maximus VIII Impact that was used as my test bed.

Not exclusively designed for the Intel 100 series platform, the modules are compatible with both X99 motherboards in a quad channel configuration as well as a dual channel configuration with a Z170 chipset-based motherboard. Should anything ever go wrong, Patriot offers its lifetime warranty to make it right. If 8GB of memory fits your needs and you are looking at a high speed set of memory, Patriot's PV48G360C7K 3400MHz kit should be on your short list.



  • Looks
  • Pricing
  • Performance
  • XMP profile
  • Overclocking margin
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Viper heat sink package
  • X99 and 100 series compatibility



  • Higher voltage needs 
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