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Patriot Viper 3 Intel Extreme Masters Memory 1866MHz 16GB Review



Patriot has delivered a set of modules in this Intel Extreme Masters Limited Edition that delivers performance, which falls into a specific envelope. Targeted at gamers, Extreme Masters modules do not deliver anything less than performance on par with other modules in the gaming test. The rest of the testing showed the modules performing well, by comparison, to higher-rated modules. At 1866MHz, the modules are a step above 1600MHz modules in terms of raw memory speed. Applications where bandwidth is king will show an increase in performance when comparing modules with similar timings and lower clock speeds.

Using the stock timings of 10-11-10-30, it will take a higher frequency to overcome the latency hit. Bumping the voltage above the specified 1.5V does help when it comes to tightening up the latencies, but not as much when it comes to the overall clock speed of the modules. By bumping the voltage up to 1.65V, I was able to reach just over 2000MHz using the 1866MHz divider. Seeing that Patriot makes a 2133MHz rated set of these modules, I had hoped to reach to at least 2133MHz, but kept getting shot down in my attempts. Slapping a healthy bclock increase on the CPU was the only way to get more memory speed. The modules responded well to this approach at 2006MHz. At an increase of 140MHz, this adds up to around 7% frequency boost for the price of your time.

If tweaking the memory settings in the BIOS is not how you roll, Patriot has you covered with these Intel co-branded modules. Equipped with an XMP profile, setting up the modules is as simple as inserting them and adjusting one setting in the BIOS for a smooth stable clock speed. Setting the XMP Profile on the M5G allowed the board to boot and run successfully with all of the timings and voltages applied correctly. It's really just that easy. In case something ever should go wrong, Patriot warranties the modules for life. You cannot ask for more than that – well you can, but it's a little unrealistic.

Equipped with the latest iteration of Patriot's Viper heat sink package that has evolved over the years – from the original AOC (Aluminum on Copper) design to a stamped aluminum heat shield – these do well in terms of cooling. Even with the higher voltage and increased clock speed, the Viper 3-designed heat sinks kept the thermals in check with just the airflow from the fans on the H100.

Currently priced at $123 from online outlets, the Intel Extreme Master modules look and perform well, fitting right into the theme of many blue and black motherboards on the market. Patriot's Intel Extreme Master Limited Edition modules offer cooling performance coupled with a low voltage requirement and good looks that add up to a package of high capacity at a relatively low price. On top of that, you get some overclocking headroom if you choose to go that route.



  • Price-Point
  • Good Looks
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Viper 3 Cooling
  • Intel Extreme Masters Branding
  • XMP Certified
  • 1.5 V



  • Lower OC Margin


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