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Patriot Viper 3 8GB 2133MHz Review



To say I was surprised by the overclocking abilities of this $59 set of memory is an understatement. Rated at 2133MHz out of the box with latencies of 11-11-11-27 using 1.5v I was not really sure that overclocking was going to be a strong suit of these modules. How wrong I was! This is so far the highest overclocking set of memory I have tested as far as clock speed is concerned with a maximum speed of 2527MHz using latencies of 11-13-13-28 using 1.68v. These modules would run at over 2600MHz at 12-13-13-28 for screen shots and nothing substantial in the way of testing. As an 8GB kit, the Viper 3 modules are the perfect accessory for the end user running a Z77 series board and third generation Core i7 processor like the 3770K.

Performance wise the looser latencies of the PV38G213C1K kit do not really seem to slow performance down that much, if at all. A side benefit of the looser latencies is the ability to run these modules with only 1.5v applied. Tightening up the sub-timings and CAS latency from those timings set by the XMP profile is possible while using the stock 1.5v to improve responsiveness.

These Patriot Viper 3 series modules are equipped with Patriot's "Black Mamba" heat shield to keep the thermal load in check. This they do quite well even with the close to the 1.7v I had running through them for a time. Airflow is the key to this performance as with most high performance modules. At no time did the modules graduate to what I would call hot. Patriot offers a lifetime warranty on these modules in case you get a little too aggressive with the voltage or even if they just outright fail at stock speeds and voltage.

Each of the Viper 3 modules are hand tested for an additional layer of security as well as a way to ensure compatibility across platforms. Sporting an XMP 1.3 profile, these modules offer a set it and forget it type of option if you do not plan on tweaking the BIOS manually. When run with the XMP 1.3 profile applied, the memory timings and voltages were applied properly and allowed the system to boot up the first time.

Patriot is offering this lineup in capacities from 8GB to 32GB with speed bins from 1600MHz to 2133MHz to cover just about every consumer. What really sets this set of modules apart from the crowd is the rock bottom $59 price tag for this 8GB set of Viper 3 modules. That's right, $59! When you look at what this set has to offer it is hard to go wrong when you have good looks, great overclocking, and a rock bottom price point for 8GB of 2500MHz capable memory.



  • Overclocking
  • Low Voltage
  • XMP 1.3
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Cooling performance
  • Good looks



  • Stock Latencies


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