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Patriot Viper II Sector 7 PC3 14400 Cas 9 6GB Review



After looking at several great sets of Patriots Sector 5, expectations for this set of modules was pretty high. The Sector 7 modules come with fairly loose timings at the rated 1800MHz speed of 9-9-9-27. Right up front the modules are at a slight disadvantage against modules of similar speeds but with tighter timings. This advantage manifests itself in higher synthetic benchmarks, but in real life the difference is more of a "feel" than anything else. While that may seem like a slight hit on the Sector 7 modules, it's really not when you compare the results delivered by the comparison modules, several with identical timings to the Sector 7 modules. Right out of the box you get a 200MHz increase in memory speed over 1600MHz modules that translates into additional performance. IF you choose not to overclock your system, this set of modules can be run with tighter timings at 1800MHz. I was able to get these modules to run at 7-8-7-24 with nothing other than changing the timings. No voltage increase or loosening of the sub timings was required.

Now if you choose to overclock these modules, then there is enough headroom to get you over 2000MHz and allow you to use a bclock of up to 200MHz on your Core i7 X58-based system without fear of the memory limiting your overclock. This you can do without a bump in timings, that's 200MHz or about a 12% increase on top of the 1800MHz with really only a bump in memory controller voltage to reach 2000MHz. Over that and you have to start playing with sub timings and more voltages but that's what overclocking is all about anyhow.

To keep the Sector 7 modules cool, Patriot has used its Viper II series of heatshields on this set of memory. This design uses an extruded "Aircraft Grade" aluminum instead of the AOC design used on past Viper series modules. This design proved effective at keeping the modules cool even with voltages as high as 1.75V. Just like any of the tall heat shields used on memory modules these days, you may run into clearance issues with larger CPU heat sink/fan combos.

The Patriot Sector 7 modules offer a step up in performance for not a significant amount of cash. Priced at $179, this set of modules from Patriot can be had for about the same price as modules rated at 1600MHz, making them quite a deal. If you need a set of modules for your latest Core i7 X58-based build, the Patriot Sector 7 modules with their use of pre-sorted IC's, hand testing to verify performance and lifetime warranty would not be a bad choice.



  • Overclocking
  • Timings can be tightened
  • Viper II Heatshield
  • Hand Tested
  • Lifetime warranty



  • Loose latencies


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