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Patriot Ignite 480GB Review


Patriot Ignite 480GB: Conclusion

Patriot has been silent on the SSD front for a while letting the older products fill the space until the next versions of its latest drive were ready for delivery. Diving into the lower cost segment, Patriot used the Phison S3110 controller to manage the asynchronous micron based MLC NAND. From a performance perspective, the Patriot Ignite delivered impressive results across the board with a few exceptions. The 480GB drive we received from Patriot easily reached or exceeded the performance ratings it is designed to meet, which is impressive from a lower cost drive. This does not add up to a perfect picture for the drive even though it is the highest performing drive in many of the tests. It's a great start, but does not present the full picture.

While running through the real world tests in PCMark 8 the drive was the lowest performing flash based drive in both the overall storage result and overall bandwidth delivered through the PCMark 8 workloads. That being said, the Patriot Ignite has few other performance deficits. One that brings up some concern is that the Patriot Ignite does exhibit CPU usage results averaging around 10% in the IO Meter results. Most likely thanks to the way the Phison S3110 controller handles the NAND management.

That being said, Patriot has put together a lower cost 480GB drive that comes with a new controller, End-to-end data path protection (ETEP), mart ECC, Advanced wear-leveling, Advanced Garbage Collection algorithms, NCQ, and ECC Recovery at up to 115bits/2KB. All in a 7mm form factor drive. Patriot gives the end user a three year warranty on the Ignite series drives. With a MTBF rating of 2,000,000 hours, the drive rating adds another 225 years worth. Currently retailing for around $189 from a variety of e-tailers the Patriot Ignite offers a low point of purchase for a drive that has the capacity to hold more of your data. Deliver excellent performance and the ability to fit in smaller portables than standard 2.5 inch form factor drives. With this lower cost and high performance, Patriot will surely make a mark in its return to the SSD market.


  • New controller
  • Meets or exceeds performance ratings
  • Low cost per GB
  • 7mm form factor
  • Three year warranty


  • Three year warranty
  • CPU Usage
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