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Patriot Extreme Performance 2GB PC2-9600 DDR2-1200MHz Review

Price: $229.99


In all the years I have been building computers and giving advice, the one item I have seen taken the lightest was the memory purchase. In contrary to what some might say, all RAM is not created equal. You see it in advertisements all the time, "Value Ram for cheap." Well if it was that great a set of RAM then they would not have to advertise it because it would always be sold out. Selecting the right sticks of memory is as crucial as picking out the right processor. You wouldn't skimp out on CPU performance so why take that chance with one of the components that interacts with it the most? If you are an overclocker like we here at OverclockersClub.com are, then you want RAM that will give you the most flexibility to push it to the limits. Patriot Memory is one manufacturer that gives the hungry crowd what it desires with the Extreme Performance line.


Closer Look:

The Extreme Performance PC2-9600 memory comes packaged in the standard blister type packaging and each module is sandwiched between two heatsinks made from Patriot's Aluminum Bladed Heat Shield Technology to decrease heat and increase stability. Enclosed in the package are the two matched one gigabyte PC2-9600 memory modules and an installation guide to help you install the Patriot Extreme Performance PC2-9600 if you have never done so before.









The Patriot Extreme Performance 2GB PC2-9600 are rated at speeds of DDR2-1200MHz and have advanced timings of 5-5-5-12. They are also EPP Enabled. EPP stands for Enhanced Performance Profile, which is a technology designed by nVidia to make overclocking easier. To take advantage of EPP you must have a motherboard that supports it, as well as EPP Enabled RAM.



As mentioned before, the Patriot Extreme Performance PC2-9600 uses Patriot's Blade Heat Sink Technology, which attaches the aluminum fins directly to the PC2-9600 chips and helps by dissipating the heat and allowing airflow over the PC board. The reason this caught my eye is that memory is often overlooked when it comes to cooling issues. RAM, at these speeds, produces a lot of heat and needs to have a good way to get rid of that buildup. Patriot 's heatspreaders have opened tops so that airflow can flow freely over the ram chips and the board to help keep them cool. With the addition of a RAM fan you could virtually eliminate any major heat buildup on this set.

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  2. Installation & Specifications
  3. Testing: CPU-Z, TaskManager
  4. Testing: PCMark05, Sandra
  5. Testing: Cachemem, Far Cry
  6. Overclocking: Results
  7. Conclusion
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