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Patriot EP Pro 32 GB SDXC/SDHC Card Review



Some of you might have seen this nifty little card at Computex and now it’s nearly ready to ship to your house. The price isn’t quite as bad as I was expecting for the performance. The question always comes: it is super-fast; but at what cost? When it comes down to such a simple piece of hardware and the ability to get slower cards for less – price does become a big factor. I wouldn’t pay a hundred some odd dollars for the exceptional speed but I might be willing to pay a little more for the performance – the balance here comes to the individual. The $69.99 price tag, to me, actually doesn’t seem that bad; for the performance it’s a pretty good deal. If you’ve got the camera to take high resolution, high quality video, you want this. However, it is somewhat a one of a kind item on the market right now; so I would guess if you can wait – you can probably find some competitors to let you get it for less if you're patient.

Overall I am very impressed with the card. It has lots of room for pictures, plenty of room for video – and it is to be released in 128GB capacity as well – it’s nearly a mini-SSD for your inner photographer/filmographer. I would normally be a bit miffed that the card didn't reach its full rated specs of 90MB/s read and 50MB/s write, but it is entirely possible that the card reader I'm using can't exceed the speeds I saw in the benchmarks. Until I have another card to test with I have to assume that this card can go even faster! It will be interesting to see what will come out next. I know Delkin, Kingston, and SanDisk have all released UHS-I version cards in the past – but will there become a war for who can go the fastest? Maybe not… for now Patriot takes the lead with theoretical speeds on the EP Pro.




  • FAST!



  • Somewhat expensive
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