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Patriot 64GB Torqx SSD Review


Closer Look:

From the outside, the Patriot TORQX does not look that imposing. The top of the drive contains information about the connectivity and size of the drive; this one being 64GB in size. The bottom side is covered in clear plastic and contains threaded holes to mount the drive onto the 2.5 to 3.5 inch drive adapter. The sides feature threaded mounting holes as well for added flexibility in mounting. Of course, you also have the tamper proof sticker that let's Patriot know you have ventured inside the drive, voiding your warranty. Just recently, Patriot has taken the step of increasing the warranty from 2 year to an industry leading 10 years. This gives you some serious peace of mind when it comes time to make an investment in SSD technology.
















The connections available on the TORQX are limited to the SATA power and data connections, plus the 2-pin jumper connection used to update the firmware. When I received this drive, there was already a firmware update and TRIM utility available on Patriot's website for this drive.


The drive easily comes apart for inspection and the casing is constructed of two pieces, the main case and bottom cover. Inside you will find the PCB that holds the NAND flash memory modules. On top of the PCB is the Idilinix "Barefoot" Controller and 64MB cache buffer that helps remove the stuttering so commonly mentioned on earlier drives. Since this is a 64GB drive, the front side of the PCB does not contain any of the NAND memory chips. Instead, the back side holds all the memory. These modules are made by Samsung and are part number K9HCG08UiM.




Mounting the TORQX drive is much like installing a regular hard drive, just that it is bit smaller in stature. To mount the drive in a 3.5 inch drive bay or tooless drive cage, you simply use the adapter bracket provided and then slide it home and secure it with the included screws.



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