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Patriot 64GB Torqx SSD Review

Price: $219


The hard disk drive is an integral part of the computer. Over the years, the hard drive has increased in size but were slow to increase in performance. Spindle speeds were upped to 5400, 7200, 10,000 and even 15,000 RPM in the effort to make sure the drive could access the data stored as fast as possible. Some of the latest drives deliver great performance, but there is always room for improvement. As more and more people moved from desktops to portables, another glitch kept popping up; hard drive failures due to movement and dropped laptops. With no moving parts to fail, solid state drives (SSDs) looked to be the way to go with incredible access times and high read rates that far outshined the performance of the mechanical drives. Coupled with the ever increasing need to get the most battery life from portable systems, the SSD looked to be the heir apparent.

Patriot has been making solid state drives for a while and now have three distinct series; Warp, TORQX and KOI. The Patriot TORQX with a part number of PFZ64GS25SSDR is the 64GB variant and the one I will be looking at today. Features include sequential reads up to 220MB/s, sequential writes of up to 135MB/s, shock resistance to 1500 G's and vibration resistance to 20 G's with low power consumption. Let's see what the latest solid state drive from Patriot has to offer.

Closer Look:

The Patriot Memory 64GB Torqx drive was delivered in the full retail packaging. The blue and white design is appealing and not over the top. The front panel displays the Patriot Memory and Torqx logos prominently. A short specification list is below the window that displays the drive. In the bottom right-hand corner, the fact that patriot supplies a 2.5 inch to 3.5 inch drive bay adapter is an added bonus, as most companies dont currently include this adapter. Certainly a nice touch. Items of note on the rear include the mention of the 2 year warranty, the product part number PFZ64GS25SSDR, and the features listed in multiple languages.












Opening the packaging you will find two blister packs inside. One contains the Torqx drive, while the other contains the manual, mounting screws and the 2.5 to 3.5 inch adapter bracket so the Torqx drive can be used in a standard 3.5 inch drive cage. A much needed addition, as mounting an SSD in a desktop PC required an additional purchase if you were not fortunate enough to own a chassis with 2.5 inch mounting brackets.



Let's dig a little deeper into the TORQX to see just what it is made of.


  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing (Setup)
  5. Testing: HD Tune 3.50 Pro
  6. Testing: HD Tach, Sandra
  7. Testing: Crystal Disk Mark
  8. Testing: ATTO
  9. Testing: AS SSD
  10. Testing: PCMark Vantage
  11. Conclusion
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