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PAPAGO! Dashcam P2PRO 1080p Review


PAPAGO! Dashcam P2PRO 1080p Conclusion:

In the end, I was quite impressed with the PAPAGO! P2PRO Dashcam. It surprised me with its video quality, as well as its ease of use. I was able to use it very shortly after taking it out of the box; I only needed an SD card and a little time to set up the very basic of settings before it was ready to go. The mount for the windshield was most impressive in the ability to stay attached even in the most extreme use of driving at the track. With a car that vibrates quite a bit and driven hard around a track full of turns on a hot day, I was left with no questions about the dashcam's ability to stay in place – that mount never moved. The built-in GPS sensor and speed monitoring made for good fun when looking at the resulting videos as well. This feature also provides great information for an insurance claim, as well as monitoring young drivers you may have in your household.

The microphone is also impressive, capturing good quality audio even with excess wind noise. The microphone was able to easily pick up voices of occupants in the car over the majority of other sounds, which is again a real bonus. It was really difficult to find any complaints about the P2PRO. Many other dashcams on the market lack the GPS feature and still cost quite a bit. The P2PRO is one of the more affordable options, with more options than many others costing more. It does have some features I found to be a bit annoying and not so useful, but they were easily turned off and out of my hair. I don't feel that I paid any extra for such features either, as the GPS mapping, speed, and G-sensors made it well worth it on their own. Despite the night time videos being rough at best, it's at least something to give insurance when the worst occurs.

Ultimately, I was quite impressed with the PAPAGO! P2PRO Dashcam. Having played with a few GoPro units over the years, I had a rather low expectation for this silly little dashcam going in; but I have to say, for driving, this works great for both practical use, as well as a little bit of fun once in a while. I say the P2PRO is a definite win. 



  • Video quality is awesome
  • It is super simple to use right out of the box with minimal setup
  • Built-in GPS, speed monitoring, and G-Sensor
  • EPIC mount; holds tight, sturdy, and almost difficult to take off!



  • Wavy video from vibrations (though generally not a problem)


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