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PAPAGO! Dashcam P2PRO 1080p Review


PAPAGO! Dashcam P2PRO 1080p Testing:

Testing for this was a bit different than anything we've done here on OCC before. There are no real set methods for such and so it was more a free form use, play, and share kind of review. I really got to play with the camera in several different situations and even in several different cars. Reading through the results, you can see I had a bit of fun, and well, tested the heck out of what the PAPAGO Dashcam could really do.

Testing Setup:

  • 1999 Chevrolet Corvette in FIRE RED
  • Recently cleaned windshield with an extra hot sunny surface

Comparison Modules:

  • 1993 Mazda Miata with wannabe fast engine sounds
  • 2003 Ford Focus; it's a Ford, no further explanation needed.


PAPAGO! Dashcam P2PRO 1080p Results: 

So what you probably care most about is some actual recordings from the PAPAGO! P2PRO. Well, not to worry, I have just that. Like I mentioned before, I wanted to add a little something to this review, so you had to wait a little longer…TRACK DAY BRO!

This first video is a quick compilation of shots taken on a normal daily drive. Just filled up with gas and needed to burn some up! But really, this is just an example of typical day-to-day driving. Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, I didn't capture any accidents or near accidents to really show off the cam. The audio is the audio the cam recorded. It actually did fairly well. You can hear a bit of wind noise in a few bits of the video from the windows being down, but it's not over-powerful. The cam actually does very well at capturing voices, though I didn't leave any of the conversations in the video. Even with lots of wind, the voices were captured quite clearly.

After driving around, naturally I wanted to check out what the camera had captured. There is software available for download at the PAPAGO! website specifically designed for its cameras. It uses the data that it records to make nice map plots of your trip (on Google maps) and play your videos together as one. I say videos, as the P2PRO records segments in five-minute chunks. This helps prevent corruption from destroying an entire recorded trip, as well as keep files from being too big. When set up properly, you can have it show GPS coordinates and speed along with the time and date on the video itself.

A few other features of the P2PRO may be useful for some, but I found them annoying. There's an adjustable 25-75 MPH speed warning that annoys you if you exceed a chosen velocity...I turned it off since it is hard to set and doesn't adjust to local speed limits. There's also a "driver fatigue" setting to warn you that you might be tired after a set number of hours and/or minutes which was, again, more annoying than useful. One feature that was neat upon first hearing of it was the lane change avoidance feature, but it proved to be both hard to configure (the camera has to be perfectly level to the horizon), as well as pretty unreliable at detecting wandering lanes. The last feature that I didn't have a chance to test was the speed camera announcement system, which warns you of nearby speed cameras. Since there are none of these in the wonderful state of New Mexico, I couldn't test whether or not this feature was useful or not.

I will say that the most annoying thing about the software was the fact that EVERYTIME you started the program, it defaulted to playing some stock video of a cab driver in Russia with full audio. It was quite annoying and quickly reminded you that your speakers were turned up. It would have been nice to not have it auto play.


My second video was a real test of the PAPAGO! P2PRO. It was open track day at the track, so I couldn't resist the need to take the cam. Not only does this car vibrate rather heavily from solid engine mounts, but it also was about to be driven rather hard around the track. I was a bit skeptical about how well the P2PRO would manage to stay attached to the windshield. However, despite the 90+ °F desert weather and all day of driving, it didn't come off once. In fact, tt was actually rather difficult to pull off at the end of the day. The next concern, obviously, would be what the video would look like with so much vibration and "crazy" driving… well, I guess you'll just have to check it out yourself. I'll say I was quite impressed.

So the video wasn't exactly perfect, as you could see some slight tearing and wavering from the lens. It's expected in cheaper lens that aren't designed for extreme motion (like the GoPro series). The dashcam is really meant for day-to-day commutes and does that just fine. If you were using the video for an insurance claim, things would be plenty clear for such purposes; but I do think it was quite fun to play with at track day, especially after looking at the neat image it drew up for Google maps…


I felt the need to complete the testing with a night video. I felt is was important to get a feel for how well it does at night, as accidents and things often happen at that time as well. I'm glad I took the time for this, as the  video quality wasn't very good; things weren't as clear as I could see them. There's not much on the roads here to reflect lighting, so you don't really "see" much in the video. It would suffice to show how fast you were going in the case of accident, but as far as seeing much else...not so great. You can see headlights and some road signs, but everything is just a bit noisy and hard to see. It's enough to show a crash, or perhaps hitting an animal. That seems to be the ultimate overall purpose, but it's still hard to make much out of the video. I did have the lane change warning on in this video, which I must admit was insanely annoying. I cut most of the pings out for your sake, but it's clear it just isn't perfect. It randomly pings even when you're driving quite straight between the lines. I couldn't wait to get to a point where I could turn it back off. It's a neat idea, but hard to really get to work just right.

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  3. PAPAGO! Dashcam P2PRO 1080p: Specifications & Features
  4. PAPAGO! Dashcam P2PRO 1080p: Setup
  5. PAPAGO! Dashcam P2PRO 1080p: Testing & Results
  6. PAPAGO! Dashcam P2PRO 1080p: Conclusion
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