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PAPAGO! Dashcam P2PRO 1080p Review


PAPAGO! Dashcam P2PRO 1080p Setup:

The quick start guide provided some quick insight as where to place the dashcam for best results with a nice diagram. There is an optional dashboard "dashbag" mount that it shows in the start guide, but I didn't happen to find one for sale. However, the suction cup, as well as the mounting arm, does allow for some varied mounting points to place it just about anywhere on your windshield. The biggest points made in the guide to insure the best recording include: 1) put it behind the rear view mirror for best view; 2) ensure the camera is in range of your wipers for rainy days; 3) don't install the device within the area of an air safety bag; 4) don't install on the tinted windshield film; and 5) don't install where it will have interference with electronics.


So I got my usual trusty test subject to help out again and took some pictures of the PAPAGO! P2PRO actually installed in a car. From the outside of the car, it is pretty obvious something is mounted in the window; the big suction cup points that out clearly. However, at first glance you might just pass it off as another mounted GPS or radar detector. A look a little closer and from the other side, you might be able to pick out that it was a dashcam, but unless you were really paying attention, I'm not sure that you'd even care what it was driving by.



From inside the car, you can kind of see what it looks like from the driver's perspective. The screen is on while driving, or can be turned off to avoid distraction. The power cable plugs into the right of the camera and doesn't really have a nice out-of-the-way place to go. With the block (possibly a choke?) on the wire, it can be a little distracting as it tends to swing with motion of the car. It's only about six inches from the end of the cable and seems like it could have been better placed. Although up near the mirror is one of the best locations to place the cam, if you mounted it near the dash, you may not notice the cable so much if it really became a bother. The mounting points, both on the mount as well as the cam, make for easy adjustments to get it nicely tucked behind the mirror or up against the windshield. The clamp for the suction cup was also easy to maneuver and felt strong when pulling tight to the window.



One thing I did notice that could be an issue/nuisance in some cars is the location of the 12V power plug. In this case, it is close to the ignition, which could proove to be just in the way if it were to be plugged in all the time (as would be the typical use for a dashcam). Without additional power outlets in the car, it could also be an issue if you wanted to charge your phone or perhaps power an aftermarket XM radio. But of course there are ways to get around this – dual plug adapters, adding in additional sources to plug into, and even the extreme of permanent wiring; but, this is really just something to think about, not really something that could be avoided with a different design, as it is going to need power nonetheless (much like a GPS).


Once you power on the car, it's pretty quick to start using it. The first screen will prompt you to "Not adjust while driving". It stays up for about five seconds and disappears. If there is no card in the SD slot, there is no function at all. You won't be able to adjust settings or use the cam at all, so be sure to have a card on hand. The first prompt after that is for language select, then the spoken language (it can talk to you for warnings on speed cameras). The last question is your time zone – I've chosen (UTC-7 for MST). That's it; you can start using it right away. Of course you can adjust these settings and more in the menus, but it's pretty straight forward out of the box. The camera starts recording when it has power, so once you start your car and start moving, the cam is already recording! Not too shabby. There are even reminders to turn your lights on depending on time of day – which is handy if you don't have auto lights.

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  4. PAPAGO! Dashcam P2PRO 1080p: Setup
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  6. PAPAGO! Dashcam P2PRO 1080p: Conclusion
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