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PAPAGO! Dashcam P2PRO 1080p Review


PAPAGO! Dashcam P2PRO 1080p Closer Look Continued:

Out of the box and packaging, we can get a closer look at the PAPAGO! P2PRO itself. The box gave us an idea of what to expect and I find it to be quite accurate. The front of the unit is rather simple with a 2.4" matte finished screen (no gloss here), and four menu buttons below. There is a small indicator light just below the second "A" in PAPAGO! and just above the buttons. It lights up green to indicate power and changes to red when it is recording. The back, or front depending on how you look at it, has the "FULL HD LENS". There are two little speakers next to the lens that allow the camera to make audible notifications. The lens is approximately half an inch in diameter to give you a reference for size. Overall the camera and its body aren't really all that big, which is AWESOME!



The side of the camera has two ports, one for HDMI and another for USBmini. The USBmini plugs in for power with the included car power supply. If you have an USBmini cable laying around the house, you can also power the camera with it, as well as view the memory card (like a card reader). It won't allow you to do anything else with it really while plugged into your computer, but if you don’t have an SD card reader, it's nice to know you can plug it in directly. You will plug it in, as shown, to power it in your car. I'll show you ahead in the setup portion of the review what this means inside your car. Just be ready with a 12V outlet on the car and to have some cables hanging about (or to permanently run lines, if you want).

While we are on the subject of SD cards, there is no SD card included. Plan to buy one when you order this unit or use one you might already have around. I used the one I have for my camera to test it out. I have a Patriot EP Pro 32GB SDHC card in use for the review. You can see the card slot ahead in this review. It simple plugs in and is ready to go.



The bottom of the cam is where the actual microphone is located. This is where the sound is picked up from, so if you are closer to the dash or perhaps have something beneath it, you can expect a change in recorded audio quality. As you will later find out, this microphone is rather impressive. Your product number and serial number can be found here for troubleshooting. You won't need it for your one-year limited warranty, but you will need your original invoice (keep a copy!). The top of the cam is a nice glossy black with a unique contoured shape to fit nicely up against the windshield. It simply has the model P2PRO written on it with the addition of "1920 x 1080p FULL HD". Looking pretty snazzy.



I mentioned the card slot prior, and here it is now in view. The little "ON" slider needs to be pushed closed over the SD card for the camera to work. It keeps it from accidently being ejected while in use. While I used a 32GB card for the review, it's important to know (which can be found in the start guide as well) that you must use at minimum an 8GB card. If you put anything less in, it will simply tell you that it is too small. So be sure if you don't have a card of at least 8GB, you order one along with the camera so you aren't disappointed when you first go out to use it. We have seen the other side of the cam prior and discussed the ports as well, but how could one more look hurt?



The window mount doesn't come attached to the cam to make packaging a little easier. Thankfully, it is very simple to install and allows you to put it in the direction you want. There are two knobs you've seen a few times now on the side of the cam. Simply unscrew them and align the mount. Screw them back in and tighten them once you have the mount in the proper location. The big knobs make it easy to adjust once you are mounting it in the car as well. The mount itself has quite a bit of adjustment as well with a ball and socket type design. Simply loosen the joint and you can align the suction cup as you please. It really does adjust quite a bit in about all degrees of freedom, so it won't be difficult to get right on your various windshields. The suction cup also has the added clamp to help pull itself toward the windshield, so unlike the GPS mount you've licked and stuck to the window a few too many times, this ought to have a pretty solid grip despite the temperature changes it will likely endure.



The power connector is all we are left with to look at now that we've covered about every angle of the cam itself. The plug is nothing you haven't really seen before. Your GPS, car phone charger, and about anything you plug into your car already has a similar end on it; two bumps to hold it in place, a connector on the end, and a green indicator light to signal power. The other end plugs into the cam as I've shown you before. It is just a simple USBmini connection. So don't be frightened, as it's a very familiar plug for most of you!


  1. PAPAGO! Dashcam P2PRO 1080p: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. PAPAGO! Dashcam P2PRO 1080p: Closer Look Continued
  3. PAPAGO! Dashcam P2PRO 1080p: Specifications & Features
  4. PAPAGO! Dashcam P2PRO 1080p: Setup
  5. PAPAGO! Dashcam P2PRO 1080p: Testing & Results
  6. PAPAGO! Dashcam P2PRO 1080p: Conclusion
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