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PAPAGO! Dashcam P2PRO 1080p Review

Price: $194.99

PAPAGO! Dashcam P2PRO 1080p Introduction:

PAPAGO! might not ring a familiar tone in your mind if you haven't looked into or owned a dashcam for your vehicle, but it is indeed a company specifically designated to providing drivers with the most comfortable journeys while driving on the road. PAPAGO! INC was established in Taipei, Taiwan in 2001 and since expanded to provide localized product services with branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo, and even Los Angeles. The main objectives of the company include: protecting you and your family, intelligence connecting, and life for sharing.

Today, we're looking at something a bit unusual for OCC. The PAPAGO! P2PRO dashcam is a 1080p camera that mounts on your car's windshield to monitor both your driving, as well as those on the road with you. If, rather than when, you are in a car accident, the camera can save you with your insurance company and in court when others try to put you at fault. PAPAGO! P2PRO will be on your side against insurance fraud and potential accidents, though with all its features, it's not limited to its design intent. With G-sensors, GPS coordinates, and speed monitoring… well you just might find extra fun to be had (like I did indeed).

The PAPAGO! P2PRO isn't the newest PAPAGO! on the streets with the recent release of the P3, but it is still a great representation of what PAPAGO! has to offer, as well as a more affordable option for your pocket. The PAPAAGO! P2PRO records full HD 1080p with 30FPS. The lens provides a wide angle view with 130 degrees FOV. It also has built-in active car safety features to warn you when you may be switching lanes inappropriately (via LDWS), or if you might be too close to the car in front of you (via FCWS). It also has the ability to alarm the driver for fatigue based on driving, as well as remind you to turn on your lights as day turns into night. This should be quite a bit of a fun review and I've got plenty planned for you, including TRACK DAY BRO.


PAPAGO! Dashcam P2PRO 1080p Closer Look:

So let us start off with pictures of the packaging of the P2PRO. Overall, it is a pretty simple box, which I adore! I like when the box doesn't have to sell the product to me, but rather allows the product and its features to win me over. The front of the box shows a quick shot of the dashcam with the name P2PRO labeled quite well. The front points out that it has full HD, built-in GPS, and G-sensor. The back of the box shows a couple captured images from the camera with rationale to buy one. You can both: "report bad drivers / road rage, prove your case in an unfortunate event AND capture scenic routes, share fun or unlikely events with the world." The P2PRO shows it can be both practical and fun. The features listed on the back include: full HD 1080p 30FPS, built-in GPS, G-sensor, lane departure warning system, front collision warning system, speed cam warning, 130 degree wide viewing angle, auto bump files copy, 2.4" LCD, cycle recording, digital wide dynamic range, heads up display, HDMI output + USB 2.0, and snapshots. The box also states that it supports a maximum of a 32GB SD card. So there's plenty to offer and we have a lot to play with on our hands!




The other sides of the box point to the PAPAGO! website, as well as some quick information on how the dashcam can mount in your car. You have the option to either mount the cam to your windshield or to a dashboard mount you can purchase separately. It's much like a GPS with gobs of features. Inside the box we are told to find the P2PRO device, car charger, a quick start guide, and a warranty card. Let us open it up!



Opening the box, I find exactly what we were told; the camera is packed separately from the mount itself and each component is neatly packed to protect it during shipment. Everything is easy to unpack and doesn't involve the need of scissors, a knife, or any sharp objects to get started.


  1. PAPAGO! Dashcam P2PRO 1080p: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. PAPAGO! Dashcam P2PRO 1080p: Closer Look Continued
  3. PAPAGO! Dashcam P2PRO 1080p: Specifications & Features
  4. PAPAGO! Dashcam P2PRO 1080p: Setup
  5. PAPAGO! Dashcam P2PRO 1080p: Testing & Results
  6. PAPAGO! Dashcam P2PRO 1080p: Conclusion
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