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Palit Revolution R700 Deluxe HD4870X2 Review



The Palit R700 Revoltuion is a departure from the realm of normalcy. By normal I mean the same old solutions for cooling and the same dual link DVI outputs. This card has neither the same old cooling solution nor the standard display connections that have become the norm. Palit has taken the HD4870x2 and addressed one of the biggest concerns that enthusiasts have had with the R770 based video cards. Heat and lots of it. Just as an example the Sapphire HD4870X2 was hitting temperatures in the mid to high 90 Celsius range with the drivers controlling the fan speed. Fast forward to today and the Palit R700. By taking a different approach to this problem Palit has reduced the temperatures by 25% when compared to the stock cooling solution. By leaving the fans to be controlled by the drivers, the maximum temperature recorded was 72 degrees Celsius, a far cry from the 98 and 99 Celsius on the stock solution, a big win, literally! The down side is the way the R700 is vented, some of this heat makes its way back into the chassis. With adequate airflow through the case, this can be minimized. By coming up with a decent cooling solution Palit has run up against another issue, size! The R700 can cool there is no doubt. It just takes three slots worth of space to make it happen. If you have the space to spare it is no problem but you might want to reconsider if you are using a mid tower chassis. Along that vein, one thing I was happy to see was the relocation of the power connections so that they face the spine of the R700. This in turn will put less stress on the PCB and power connections to add a little longevity to them both.

Connectivity is the other issue that Palit has addressed. By having four connectivity options the value of the card goes up in my mind. Display Port, DVI, HDMI and an anolog VGA output give you all kinds of flexibility. Display Port is not a popular option yet and is not very common, this will, of course, change in the future and this card will have some measure of future proofing based on its capabilities and connectivity. Performance-wise the Palit R700 fared about the same in the benchmarking as the Sapphire HD4870x2. At the lower resolutions it was beaten up a bit by the green camp, but once you start playing in the higher resolutions the performance comes alive or it just does not drop off. Probably a little of both. Overclocking the cores only gave me a 63MHz improvement, not huge but it will pay dividends. The memory overclock was huge though at 196MHz for a max speed of 1146MHz, nothing to sneeze at. By taking the road less traveled Palit has taken the HD4870X2 to a new level both in size and cooling capability. Along that road there is a performance increase just waiting to be had. If you are in the market for a card that rules the big resolutions, then the Palit R700 revolution is the way to go.



  • Performance
  • Cooling
  • Four different outputs
  • Overclocking
  • 7.1 sound output (via HDMI)
  • Quiet when fans are driver controlled
  • Powerplay technology
  • Relocated power connections



  • This card is massive
  • Hot air discharged into chassis


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