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Palit 9800GTX+ Review



Pressure from the success of ATI's HD 4850 created the need for nVidia to release the 9800GTX+ in order to be competitive in this particular market. While the 9800GTX+ is a great performer, it doesn't quite reach the level of an HD 4850 in every test. In addition, the 9800GTX+ tends to suffer at higher resolutions and is a little bit more expensive than an HD 4850. On the other hand, the cooling setup on the Palit 9800GTX+ is very impressive. Idle temperatures were in the upper 40s while the load temperatures never exceded the upper 60s. Since the typical load temperature of a reference 4850 is in the 80s, the 9800GTX+ is the clear winner in this department.

Overall, the Palit 9800GTX+ has become competitive in its price segment by trading shots with ATI's HD 4850. The reduction in size of the manufacturing process has reduced temperatures but not the overclockability of the card. There isn't enough of a performance increase from the 9800GTX to justify buying a 9800GTX+ if you already have a 9800GTX. However, for a new buyer the Palit 9800GTX+ would be an excellent choice as a mid-range card.



  • Temperature
  • 55nm manufacturing process
  • 3-way SLI potential
  • Competitive price
  • Competitive in its price class



  • Marginally better than a 9800GTX
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  15. Conclusion
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