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Waffer PC AirCon PAC 400 Cooler

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In the summer, most people turn on air conditioners to keep everything in their house cool. Now you can give your computer the same treatment with Waffer’s PC AirCon PAC 400. I was thrilled when I thought about how much cooler my case and components could get. Could air conditioning be the next big thing for us enthusiasts? Let’s dig in and find out how much of an impact a PC air conditioner truly makes.

Waffer has been serving different markets in the technology industry for more than 50 years. Recently, it has been among the best in magnesium alloy injection molding. Its thermal division, who manufacture this air conditioner, continues to create some of the best cooling solutions for computer enthusiasts and strive to be a leader in the PC cooling market.

Closer Look:

To be honest with you, I was completely clueless on what this product would look like, how big it was going to be, and how it worked.  When I saw the box that the PC AirCon PAC 400 came in, its size reminded me of a size 13 shoebox. I also didn’t have a clue about where the object presented to me was going to go. Inside the case? In a drive bay? I couldn’t wait to find out.


The box took me about two minutes to open without ripping any of the cardboard because it was so intricately folded to allow the product to be visible. Ah hah! It does go in a 5.25” bay! The unit is almost 10 inches long, so I can already tell it will stick pretty far out of the case. Once you get the unit out of the box, looking closely at the top, you’ll see that it’s a clear fan (with blue LEDs) with a heatsink under it. Also notice the LCD panel which displays the temperature in Celsius.


The bottom of the unit has a black fan that sucks air into the air conditioner. On the side, you can see a switch which has 3 available settings: off, fan, and snow. In the “Fan” setting, the blue LED fan on top does not spin, only the bottom black fan does.  In “Snow”, both fans spin and work as described above.


The PC AirCon PAC 400 has a very unique power connector that I have never seen before. It is one inch wide and a half an inch tall.

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