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Ozone Oxid Gaming Headset Review



To test the Ozone Oxid Gaming Headset I’m primarily play some games, but I’ll also test some music for pure sound quality. Since the headset has integrated audio processing, I won’t have to worry about the influence of the test system’s audio card.

Testing Setup:



To test out the Oxid’s gaming performance I started up Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for PC. When I got into a match, I was pleasantly surprised by the clarity of the Oxid. Low explosions, mid gunshots, and high bullet sounds all came through quite clear. As far as I could tell, there was no major imbalance. The explosions went pretty low too; enough to shake the ear pieces at full volume. Other players voices also came through as clear as their own mic-quality permitted.



Lastly I threw on various types of music to test the pure audio quality; some classical pieces, some 70's rock, and some electronic music. I started with Camille Saint-Saëns’ Samson and Delila. This song was pretty clear. Violins and woodwinds came through as clearly as they should. The booming timpani and string basses also sounded quite good. Even with the great highs and lows, the mids were not lost, so the cellos and brass were right up front. Moving onto the 70's Rock, I threw on Us and Them from Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”. I was fairly impressed by the clarity of the vocals here. The saxophone stood way out as I can only assume it was intended to. Guitar and chorus vocals were also very balanced. Lastly, I put on some electronic music; and for that I put on Propane Nightmares from Pendulum’s “In Silico”. The headphones continued to perform pretty well. It is the same case as with the other songs; balanced highs, mids and lows. I did however notice that the deep bass wasn’t really there, but then again not many headphones can produce that.


Microphone Testing:

Testing the microphone quality I found it to be fairly bad. During online chats, friends said that my voice sounded broken up and even muffled. Performing a simple recording with Windows Sound recorder yielded the same results.


In audio quality the Ozone Oxid definitely holds its own, despite the bad microphone performance. Comfort wise the headset is not quite as spot-on. Being fairly light weight you can’t really feel them resting on top of your head. However the ear-cups seem to be half-way between circumaural and supra-aural. The don’t really go around your ear, but are too big to simply rest on your ear. Being that the top band doesn’t “clamp” much they end up resting awkwardly on your ear and easily falling off if you move your head.

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