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Ozone Oxid Gaming Headset Review


Closer Look:

The Ozone Oxid is a pretty solid looking headset upon first inspection. The outside of each ear is coated in a smooth rubber texture, which provides a premium feel. In addition to the large O3 logo on the outside, each ear has a soft ear-pad. The head-band also has a soft leather-like padding and is supported by a plastic band. Each ear is adjustable by about 1.5” or (40mm).





















The microphone is definitely the most unique feature of the Oxid. When not in use you can “retract” the microphone into the earcup, to keep it out of the way. The mic itself is on a flexible boom. On the end there is a white ring that lights up red when the mic is in use.


Though an inline volume control isn’t uncommon, the Oxid’s inline volume control (with a rubber texture) also has additional media controls. This makes it perfect to control your music while gaming, you don’t have to even worry about keyboard media controls. Another interesting thing about the inline volume is that the volume up, volume down, and mute simply control the windows volume instead of adjusting it only on the headset. Around the back you have your mic-mute toggle. On the end of the cable you’ll find a gold-plated USB connector (the gold plating is just for looks, it technically does not make a difference in performance).


The headset overall is quite light, giving an initial impression of being cheap. The headset otherwise seems to be built solidly. Installation should also be as easy as it gets being that it does not need special drivers. Let's see how it performs.

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