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Ozone TRACE Review



As one of the first slick pads that I have used for more than a day, I really liked the Ozone TRACE overall. The surface is rather large – as someone who normally has issues staying on a normal-sized mouse pad, I find this to be great. The entire surface is uniform – you can get really close to the edge without having anything to stop your movements. Essential for gamers and general users alike, the Ozone TRACE also provides a rubber underside that allows it to easily stay in place. Although I could easily move the pad by pushing on its edges, it didn’t move at all during actual use. Otherwise, the only issues I really noticed were color options and the matter of crumbs.

To put it simply, there are no color options – what you see is what you get. While it is not a particularly large issue, this may pose a problem for enthusiasts who find it essential to match their gear. Likewise, I know some of you cringe at the thought of eating at your desk, while others cannot imagine playing games without having tasty food bites throughout the night. Personally, I enjoy eating pretzel sticks when I’m studying or playing games at my computer. As a result, the first thing I noticed was that EVERY little grain of salt that fell on the pad became easily visible under my mouse. However, all you have to do is shake the mouse pad and it will be perfectly clean again.

In the end, the Ozone TRACE sells for a reasonable price in comparison to competing pads of similar size. If you are looking for a large slick pad, this is the one for you.





  • Large surface
  • Smooth and fast feel
  • Sewn-up edges – keeps the layers from pulling apart
  • Thin – doesn’t take away the “natural” feel



  • Smells funny, though only for the first week
  • Lack of color options


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