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Ozone TRACE Review

Price: $24.99


Ozone, with their memorable “it’s all about evolution” catch phrase, is a company known for producing a number of top gaming gear essentials. With accessories that include keyboards, mice, headphones, and even gaming backpacks, Ozone has got you covered. As a brand “created by and for gamers,” the European company makes sure your equipment is designed with real purpose. Today, we will take a look at one of their recent creations – the Ozone TRACE.

The Ozone TRACE is a gaming surface with extra-large dimensions. With a profile of 400 mm x 280 mm x 4 mm, it is much wider, taller, and thinner than your typical square pad. Engineered for the greatest comfort over long periods of use, the innovative pad has a four-layered design consisting of a rubber base, a high quality hard plastic piece, an air-filled polyurethane matrix, and a heat-treated micro-textured cloth. The layers combine to offer you stability, comfort, and smooth mouse movements.


Closer Look

The TRACE comes in a nice plastic clamshell, wrapped in a very red cardboard package that covers two-thirds of mouse pad. The cardboard package styles an identical graphic as the section of the mouse pad that it covers.

The reverse of the packaging details the dimensions of the pad, its four-layered design, and its features – the latter in 18 different languages. The information about the four layers is presented in red text. With the red background, however, it is quite difficult to read. From top to bottom, the layers are detailed as listed: 1) Thermally treated cloth surface, 2) Polymeric rubber layer for comfort, 3) Simi-rigid plastic structure, and 4) Rubber base for better grip.






Taking the TRACE out of its packaging, the image on the pad finally becomes visible without obstructive text. Displaying images that resemble a shooter, especially with the gun in your face, the pad almost asks, “Are you ready for this?”

The edge of the pad is exactly as described – four layers in a red, black, red, black pattern. The thin plastic layer gives a rigid feel while still providing the flex to make an entertaining sound when shaken. The rubber underside has a bump pattern that is designed to hold itself in place while on your desk.


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