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Ozone Spark and Attack Headset Review


Closer Look Continued:

One of the first things I noticed with these headsets was how lightweight they are. With everything out of the box, it's obvious as to why - the headsets are nearly all you get. The plastic moldings are thin and in the case of the Attack, quite ugly. Both the Spark and Attack have the same lone acccessory - a dual 3.5mm female mic/stereo to single male 3.5mm adapter. However, the Spark's adapter is shorter for one reason or another. This adapter provides the ability to use these headsets with mobile devices such as the Blackberry and iPhone. Though, I can't imagine why anyone would use these ungainly things for that purpose.














Both the Spark and Attack have some level of flexibility to accommodate personal fit, though, the Spark is the more flexible of the two. Both have the standard ability to raise and lower the earcups to fit multiple head sizes. However, the Spark's earcups can also swivel and fold inward, making them more compact and travel friendly.



The microphones are designed to be mildly different in appearance. However, both have the same 165° (approximate) from vertical tilting ability. The swivel feature is the only adjustment available for the microphones.




The control pods are located rather high on the cord and both have a plastic clamp on the reverse side to attach to a shirt collar or pocket. Both feature a toggle switch for the microphone and a rotary pot for volume control. There are no lights on the control pods and they are small and will comfortably fit in even the tinniest of hands. Their location and size can make them difficult to get hold of though. The rotary pot allows for more precise control over the volume than those with membrane buttons. The cord itself is plenty long and is braided the entire length although it is somewhat thin, even with the braiding.



Onward to testing!

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