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Ozone Spark and Attack Headset Review

Price: $40, $35


Ozone is a relatively new face in the endless supply of computer peripherals marketed toward gamers. They only just made themselves known late last year with the introduction of their Smog gaming mouse. Recently, Ozone have expanded their repertoire to include two more headsets, the Spark and Attack.

Gaming headsets are all-in-one solutions that offer a pair of headphones, a microphone and often a volume control pod. They are targeted toward competitive gamers and as such need to excel at comfort, durability, sound quality and ease of use. In addition, they must have a quality microphone. The large amount of headsets on the market should be a sign that this is no easy task. Today, I'll be examining Ozone's Spark and Attack headsets to see if they're up to the challenge.

Closer Look:

Packaging for the Ozone Spark and Attack headsets looks sleek, though it is rather standard. The company name and headset model are plastered all around the box along with the usual marketing nonsense.













What's unusual, is that the marketing points don't sell the headsets, instead, they tell about things that are standard on every headset. Here are a couple of them:

  • Comfort leather cushions

- This refers to the earpads and although not every headset will claim to feature leather, it's not something that would sway me one way or another. Essentially, all Ozone has told me is that the headsets have earpads. I should certainly think they do!

  • Ergonomic adaptive headband

- This, obviously, refers to the headband.  The headbands for these headsets are the standard shape and design, so ergonomics isn't a part of the equation.  'Adaptive'  is just another word for adjustable, something that every headset and set of headphones has had from the beginning. Again, something that doesn't need to be mentioned, because it's a given.

These are things that are standard on every headset. They're present even when they aren't mentioned. Some of the marketing points are plain weak. Take this as an example:

  • Earpad red interior

- This refers to the colour of the fabric cover that protects the drivers within the earcups. This is a moot point, because, nobody will see the inside of the earcups when they're being worn.

All these things are standard and shouldn't be mentioned unless there is something specifically unique about them. So far, Ozone hasn't made an effort to make their headsets stand out but I won't judge so quickly, yet.

Besides marketing, little else is present on the boxes. On the rear, technical specifications are given in five languages and a CAD drawing of the headset shows the locations of the marketing points. Ozone's logo, O³ (the chemical composition of atmospheric ozone), is simple, but clever enough. Their slogan "It's all about evolution" is hidden away on the rear of the boxes, in a bottom corner, in small font. It's as though this was an afterthought. It should be boldly announced somewhere on the front of the box because that slogan would make Ozone's products stand out. It implies that Ozone is a step ahead of the competition and is, without a doubt, the best.



Whether the decision to tuck the slogan away means that Ozone isn't so sure of that claim is unclear. Next, I'll see if the first impressions of these headsets shed any light.

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  2. Closer Look: Continued
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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