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Ozone Radon 5K Review



To properly test the Ozone Radon 5K, I will be looking at four specific aspects: speed, comfort, precision, and customization. To test the speed of the mouse, I will rate how fast the cursor is able to move across the screen. To test its comfort level, I will rate how comfortable it is to use in my hand. The precision of the mouse will be rated by my in-game sniping ability – rated by the number of head-shots. For the last test, I will be rating the usability and quantity of options in customizing the mouse for your needs.

Testing Setup:


Comparison Mice:


First up is the speed test, which will be rated from a scale of 1-10. I will be moving the mouse from the top left corner of the screen to the lower right corner. A 10 rating would represent a lightning-fast speed, while a 1 would be equal to a snail moving across your screen.





The comfort test will be rated by how comfortable and natural the mouse feels to the hand. Using a 1-10 point scale, a 10 represents your hand in heaven, while a 1 is equal to the feeling of being caught in a badger's jaw.



In the precision test, I will be gaming on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and using the Barrett .50cal. I will rate the accuracy on a 1-10 scale, where 1 would represent no headshots and a 10 would mean all headshots.



Lastly, we have customization. To grade each mouse on this test, I will see exactly how well you are able to program the buttons of the mouse and how easy it is to adjust the DPI resolution levels on the fly, while you are in a game. A 10 would mean that you can easily change the DPI settings in-game and also have full control over button functions when using the software. The Microsoft Intellimouse received a 1 score in this benchmark because it gives no ability to customize the mouse outside of the standard Windows customizations – double-click speed, pointer speed, wheel speed, etc.



In the speed test, I gave the Ozone Radon 5K a 10/10, as it was one of the fastest mice that I have been able to test. Keep in mind that although the 5600 DPI maximum is very quick, I did not find it very useful because it was almost too quick for me to accurately and precisely control, in comparison to its lower sensitivities. In the comfort test, the Ozone Radon 5K received a 9/10. It was very comfortable to hold in the palm of my hand though a little bit wider than I prefer. Personally, I am a fan of slimmer mice such as the Razer Diamondback 3G. Nonetheless, the Radon 5K was still able to give good support to my hand while gaming and web browsing. The entire mouse consists of a rubber coating, so it gives your hand a little bit more comfort, as opposed to having it rest on a hard plastic covering. The thumb area of the mouse also has a nice indent that lets your thumb rest on the mouse rather than your mouse pad. During the gaming test, I was able to set the mouse to a nice 1800 DPI level and get quite a few headshots. Because of that, in addition to its great comfort, I was able to give it an 8/10 in the precision test. In the customization test, I was able to give the Radon 5K a 9/10 once again. Although I was not able to customize LED colors or easily create macros that I would never use in a game, I could adjust the DPI sensitivity to any value between 100 DPI and 5600 DPI. As well, I was able to change the programming for all buttons on the mouse. The weight adjustment also came into play with the customization testing – being a fan of slim and lightweight mice, I was glad that I had the option to pull out four of the weights and make the mouse lighter while testing.

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