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Ozone Neon Precision Laser Mouse Review


Ozone Neon Precision Laser Mouse: Closer Look

Pulling the contents out of the box reveals the Ozone mouse inside a plastic clam-shell that acts as protection from scuffs during shipping. The plastics halves pop apart and, once the mouse is removed, an up close inspection allows for a better look at the color trim and pattern. The Ozone Neon comes in different color trim choices, which include: black, white, red, and, of course, blue. The mouse itself allows for up to 6400 DPI via a quick switch button near the middle wheel or from the software, giving the user easy access to different settings on-the-fly. Giving it a quick glance, the mouse itself looks the part, so let's move on.



The Neon Precision, like most gaming orientated mice, is wired rather than wireless for maximum poll rate. This is when Ozone does its job and provides a 1.8M braided cable. On top of a braided cable, the USB connector is gold coated for the best electrical connection, although I doubt this has any real effect overall.



Looking at the mouse from the side, a blue trim is present, giving the Ozone Neon its name. It, however, does not give the expected rave party feel or look from its name becuase the lack of LEDs. That truly isn't important, although naming schemes can help with sales. This mouse has no lights to speak of besides the DPI button. This was a little disappointing considering the title, but once again it's a name and not offered as a sales incentive. Speaking of sales, the Neon comes in a varity of trim colors as explained before, but this could have been solved with some simple RGB LEDs.

The trim does line up perfectly with the two buttons adjacent to each other on both sides. This allows for left handed and right handed users to not worry about the mouse buttons hindering game play and being on the "wrong" side. While I can't say I'm huge user of said buttons, it does help when setting profiles and macros to each button for certain games.



I'm slowly running out of things to say about this mouse. While it's nice and pretty to look at, the real test comes from usage and that I have done. But before I get to that section, I flipped the mouse over to get a closer look. What I found was, well, a sensor and blue underside. Originally I was going to take apart this mouse to get a close look at the optics, but in doing so this mouse would be ruined. It doesn't seem to be one of those that will come apart easily and I rather keep it functioning long after this review is over. Maybe next time I'll do it if the mouse looks more friendlier to dismantle.


  1. Ozone Neon Precision Laser Mouse: Introduction
  2. Ozone Neon Precision Laser Mouse: Closer Look Continued
  3. Ozone Neon Precision Laser Mouse: The Software
  4. Ozone Neon Precision Laser Mouse: Specifications & Features
  5. Ozone Neon Precision Laser Mouse: Testing & Results
  6. Ozone Neon Precision Laser Mouse: Conclusion
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