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CES 2007 Coverage


OverclockersClub CES Conclusion

This year was OverclockersClub’s first presence at CES. It was truly a learning experience. Although many aspects went off without a hitch, we still encountered some minor hiccups, but fortunately all the OCC staff worked hard to fix the problems, and in the end we got it right. Thank you all.

While at CES we learned much about the do’s and don’ts of how to coordinate our days and evenings. The first day of the show was our most trying day. We all felt overwhelmed, but by the end of the day, sitting in our hotel room, we realized that we had accomplished much more than was expected. From day two onward, everything began to fall into place. This was due to the teamwork and our goal to make OCC's presence known.

OverclockersClub formed many new relationships and even mended some old ones. Nearly everyone we met with was impressed by our coverage and complimented us on our commitment. It will be these relationships that will forge a great future for OCC. We will now have the opportunity to complete our ultimate goals, which are to increase our membership base and readers by providing the latest product reviews and Overclocking to the next level! Overclockers Club now has the opportunity to get back to its roots, which is taking it all to the max and giving our readers and members the insight to achieve it.

The OverclockersClub CES team is elated at the success achieved while attending the show. Many things became possible to accomplish due just to our presence. Attending the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show exceeded all of our expectations.

Thank you all,
The OverclockersClub CES Team


  1. CES 2007 Introduction
  2. Magnum 5.1 FX Headset
  3. ARIO Wireless Technology
  4. Razer Interview
  5. Razer Mako
  6. Razer DeathAdder
  7. Microsoft Reclusa
  8. Razer Pro|Solutions
  9. Belkin Easy Transfer Cable
  10. ASUS S6F Pink Edition
  11. Bosco on CES Day 1
  12. Raven on CES Day 1
  13. CoolIT Systems
  14. Bosco On CES Day 2
  15. Raven on CES Day 2
  16. Day 2 Abit Pictures
  17. Day 2 Adata Pictures
  18. Day 2 Enermax Pictures
  19. Day 2 SuperTalent Pictures
  20. Day 2 CES Floor Pictures
  21. Adata Wins Awards
  22. Dell Selects CoolIT
  23. Logitech X-240 Speakers
  24. Bosco on CES Day 3
  25. Raven on CES Day 3
  26. Ijagwalaafq on CES Day 3
  27. Day 3 Fatal1ty Pictures
  28. Day 3 AMD Pictures
  29. Day 3 Fox News Pictures
  30. Ultra Products Carbon Fiber Case
  31. injijagwalaafq's Conclusion
  32. Raven on CES Day 4
  33. Bosco on CES Day 4 & Final Thoughts
  34. Day 4 Coolermaster Pictures
  35. CES Booths Gallery 1
  36. CES Booths Gallery 2
  37. CES Booths Gallery 3
  38. CES Booths Gallery 4
  39. CES Booths Gallery 5
  40. CES Booth Babe Gallery
  41. Treo Audio Truck
  42. Las Vegas Sights Gallery
  43. Hoover Dam Gallery
  44. OCC CES Conclusion
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