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CES 2007 Coverage


Ijagwalaafq's Thoughts on CES day three

I have not been doing the daily post thing because this trip was very overwhelming for me and I had trouble putting everything to words. The sheer amount of activity on The Strip is amazing.

The variety of gear at the show was flat out amazing. Basically, if it has anything to do with anything, it's at CES. I saw a lot of the offerings but I know that I missed some, though this is partly due to issues such as the volume of people and slow traffic conditions.

I got to get my picture taken with two of the Trimersion booth babes. I need to get the pic off of Bosco's camera.

I was impressed with many of the products that we saw, particularly Trimersion's goggles and Abit's high end systems. I was also hugely impressed and amazed with the number of sponsors and products, and the friendships that were formed. The success OCC is having on this trip is beyond what I expected. It is really great to be a part of this.

Jeff aka "ijagwalaafq"
Site Admin & Moderator

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