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CES 2007 Coverage


Bosco's Thoughts on CES day two

It’s 10:40PM and I am beat, but I know that a lot of you are waiting for some updates.

The day started off as insane as it did yesterday, though it felt like there were more people today than yesterday, and of course, the traffic was just insane. BTW, have I mentioned that I hate traffic? So here we go with the day’s recap.

My first stop of the day was AData.

The first things shown to me were the thumb drives and SD cards with LCD screens. No more hooking it up to the computer simply to see how much space there is. Now you just have to look at the LCD screen.


The company is really beginning to move gaming memory now, something that seems to be a very common trend here at CES.

Next, they showed me Disney themed flash drives up to 2Gb .


There was also a neat three-in-one thumb drive. It acts as a thumb drive, SD Card, and a reader. The unit comes with all the adapters needed to make this unit work up to its full potential.

They just launched their 16GB flash drive. I can remember the day when 128MB was a big deal, let alone 16 gigs. Very impressive. Here is a pic of the 4Gb version and a few other thumb drives with Ready Boost:


AData also showed off some DDR3 sticks clocked at 1066MHz.

CoolIT was next on the list. I was pleasantly surprised when i saw this in their booth.

I found their RAM Fans to be a very interesting product.

They showed off a cooling system with a fan blowing on the SLI bridge, which I thought was a great idea.

CoolIT is now doing some cooling solutions for Dell, Alienware, Shuttle, and BioHazard, to name a few.


They also showed some software for the cooling system that will allow you to preset your temps and will also predict possible temps and increase airflow if need be.


Super Talent

They are looking at doing 1120MHz gaming modules and are working on DDR3 just like everyone else.

Another product in the works are IDE flash drives which are the same size as a standard laptop drive with 16GB.


All higher end sticks, such as ones that are overclocked, will be using different RAM sinks.


Some more products showed off were new Very Low Profile memory, which are very small in height, speeds 667MHz and at sizes up to 4GB. Another memory product was a multi-purpose device that looks like a pen, has a laser pointer, and is a memory stick sized from 1GB to 2GB.


The last thing we talked to Super Talent about was them working on making their thumb drives faster. They are trying to get 30 - 35MB/s read and 20 - 22MB/s write speeds. With a 16GB flash drive, I would say the faster the better.



What a blast to hang out with their guys.

800 and 1000 watt power supplies are due out before the 2nd quarter of this year, and will have 6 rails each. 1200 and 1500 watt units will be released over the next 4 to 6 months.


Their power supplies are currently using Green LEDs. Mushkin may be switching their 1000 watt and above units to the Redline brand, but a switch to red LEDs has not yet been decided.

All of their power supplies have gone to a 5 year warranty. If you have a Mushkin power supply already that came with the three year warranty, it will automatically be “upgraded” to a 5 year warranty. If your hardware is damaged by their power supply, if you send in your hardware for them to see, they will replace your hardware. They will also do cross transfers as well. Nice Deal.

Memory 9600 should be in the next month or so with a clock speed of 1200MHz and DDR3 is currently being tested.

I am going to beat Brian's overclock. He is beating me, but not by much. Of course, he cheated since he used better memory.


They are just launching their EGX Galaxy PSU with 1000 Watts. They had the unit running two separate computers which was very impressive.


The company is also getting ready to launch their 720 and 650 watt Infinity units.


There new Chakra Case seems very interesting as the 25cm fan on the side is very hard to miss. The nice thing about the fan is that it can be switch on or off and can be used as an exhaust or as an intake.


PCIe WiFi card. About time is all I have to say. (You can see it right below the nVidia heatsink)

They set up a demo running 3DMark06 with the wireless setup for us with their wireless card. Very nice. No skips or anything that I noticed and it sounded very smooth.

They are really focusing on higher end boards for gamers.

Abit is going to release two boards. First being a mid-range board for AM2 called IN9-SLI with the Fatal1ty brand. The other one is the IN932X - Max with a 690 Chipset. Should be interesting. And of course, their Fatal1ty board was on display as well.


The company is offering a three year warranty on its boards and are encouraging overclocking. If there is no physical damage to the board, they will replace it no questions asked.

They also gave us a demo of their wireless speaker system, the iDome.


These guys were great to hang out with and Abit has started working on a lot of other products besides motherboards. It’s going to be interesting to see where they go from here.

So all in all, it was a great day. There were a lot of pics taken, which we are working on sending as I type this. Weather is neither hot nor is it cold, it’s just right. Did I mention that the traffic is insane and annoying? Just wanted to make sure.

There is so much going on here away from the computer side of things, but it is a huge project to cover CES. It doesn’t leave me with much time to do anything else, but I will admit that CES is worth it. I have had a great time so far and again, I have met some great people and look forward to tomorrow.

Dave aka "Bosco"
OCC Site Manager

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