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CES 2007 Coverage


OverclockersClub.com would like you to be a part of the 2007 CES experience without leaving your home.

Beginning today (1/8/07) @ 9:00 am, OverclockersClub will be supplying our readers with press releases, reviews, pictures and summaries of each day’s events, for all four days at CES.

These updates will be posted periodically throughout the day, to keep our members and readers up to date on any new or extraordinary products being introduced. So the staff @ OCC invite you to check back frequently as this will truly be an event not to be missed.

The attending OCC staff members are:

•    Bosco
•    Raven65
•    Bishop245
•    injijagwalaafq
•    Uber

You can discuss any news we post from CES in the Official OCC @ CES thread in the OverclockersClub Forums
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In case you missed it, OverclockersClub was interviewed LIVE by FoxNews.com. Click the video below to see what you missed!

CES Day Four

Products Added to the OCC at CES Article as of 5:00pm (cst):

Ultra Products:

  • Ultra Products Introduces High-End Carbon Fiber Case at This Year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

1/11/07 (7:00pm) - CES Update:

A lot of news from the Coolermaster booth:
  • New "Smooth Creations" Special Edition case. It's a custom case built with diamond / tread plate and will retail for $899!
  • Also in the Smooth Creations line are some "normal" cases available in a pewter/black/grey theme and chrome red/black/silver theme. These cases retail for $599
  • Also a new case, their Itower930, enables you to hotswap 4 hard drives (SATA) and is raid compatible. The neat thing about this case is that the drives come right out the front of the case, just open the panel and pull'em out.
  • Coolermaster was also showing two new prototype Centurion cases.
  • Their Hcraft external HD enclosure also enables you to hotswap drives, just flip open the front panel & out it comes. The Hcraft should be out sometime in the first quarter.
  • On the laptop front, Coolermaster is coming out with laptop closures available in several colors as well as a fanless laptop cooler which is due out sometime in the first quarter.
  • They are also bringing out a SLI water cooling solution for the 7 series nVidia video cards. (SLI watercooling for the 8 series in the works) Naturally, they will be bringing out ram sinks for the video cards as well.
  • Water cooling to complex for you? Well how about fanless cooling? Coolermaster will be releasing fanless coolers for both video cards and CPU's!
  • The fanless CPU cooler, called the Gemini is big enough for 2x120mm fans. You can expect load temps of 45°C with NO FANS and 32°C with one 120mm fan!

CES Day Three

1/10/07 (2:20pm) - CES Update:

Intel had some surprises at their booth:

  • The "V8" system, with 8, yes 8 cores. Check out these benchmark scores: 3DMark06 CPU score of 6089, Cinebench2003 score of 2354 (loaded the page in 11s) and a Half Life 2 Particle test score of 123
  • Also, scheduled for release in either the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2007 is a new Intel chipset based on DDR3 at 1333Mhz

1/10/07 End of Day 3 - CES Update:
  • All of Day 2's pictures have been posted, there are a lot in Bosco's day 2 review & there are dedicated galleries as well. Overall there were over 100 pictures posted from day 2!
  • Logitech X-240 Speakers Introduce Integrated Cradle for Digital Music Players, PDAs, Mobile Phones
  • Adata Once Again Wins 2007 International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards
  • Bosco's day 3 in review has been added...looks for pics by tomorrow late afternoon

CES Day Two

1/9/07 (1:23pm) - CES Update:

Ok,  a LOT of news from Adata today:

  • They're going to come out with a gaming series of memory modules that come with red heatsinks
  • They are also showing a memory card with an LCD that shows the remaining free space left on the card
  • The "Micro ST Trio" which is a thumb drive, SD card & a card reader all in one! (and it comes with reading adapters)
  • They had some engineering samples of DDR3 running at 1066Mhz
  • For the kids, they had Disney flash drives up to 2Gb
  • Finally, they had a 16Gb thumb drive on display. It was the "Turbo Flash PD7 with Readyboost"

1/9/07 (3:05pm) - CES Update:

has been pretty busy as well, just check out some of their upcoming products!
  • New high-end server modules
  • A yet to be named gaming line of memory running at 1120Mhz
  • Like all the other memory companies, they are also working on DDR3
  • They also have a 16gb Flash Drive that is the size of a laptop HDD, uses IDE interface & they're hoping to release a SATA version in the next few weeks
  • They have switched to new heatsinks on their high end ram
  • New low profile ECC memory that is 1/2 the size of existing modules, making it ideal for micro or rack mounted systems
  • They have some new 2gb & 4gb sticks of DDR2 667 coming out as well
  • A new 3 in 1 pen, USB drive & laser pointer that will be available in 1Gb & 2Gb versions
  • Finally, they're working on 2Gb & 4Gb thumb drives have read speeds of 30-35Mb/s & write speeds of 20-22MB/s

There's also a great deal of new product coming from the CoolIT booth:
  • CoolIT is now the cooling supplier for high-end systems from Dell, Alienware, Shuttle, Biohazard & other prebuilt PC manufacturers
  • Look for their PCI Express cooler that cools the PCIe bridge
  • In addition to their PCIe cooler, they're also coming out with some active cooling for your RAM (Look for a review on OCC in the coming weeks)
  • In the gadget section... They have a USB beverage chiller which OCC will be conducting a review on, on the CES floor!
  • Probably the biggest news from CoolIT is their new "Predictive" cooling technology. You can read about it here.

1/9/07 (5:15pm) - CES Update:

has a few new products on display as well:
  • 800W, 1000W, 1200W & 1500W Power supplies are on their way. The 800w & 1000W should arrive in the first quarter of '07 with the 1200W & 1500W arriving around summer.
  • The 800W & 1000W PSU's will  feature green LED lighting and the 1200W & 1500W PSU's may get the "Redline" theme and have red LED lighting.
  • A new Redline memory series,  the 9608, has a speed of 1200Mhz and should arrive in the first quarter of '07
  • Mushkin is also upgrading the warranty on all of their PSU's from 3 to 5 years. If you currently have a PSU that has a 3 year warranty, it has been officially bumped up to 5 years. Mushkin really knows how to take care of their customers!

1/9/07 (8:00pm) - CES Update:

Enermax, not surprisingly, had some new PSU's on display:
  • The new 1000W DXX Galaxy PSU with both 6 & 8 pin connectors. They had TWO PC's running off of this PSU and each one of those PC's had an 8800GTX!
  • They also were showing their new Infiniti 650W & 720W PSU's that have 3 12V rails & run at 82-85% efficiency at 20-100% load.
  • Also at the Enermax booth was the Chakra (which will be out in 3 weeks) has a 25cm fan on the side panel!

1/9/07 (9:30pm) - CES Update:

Abit had quite a few interesting products as well:
  • They had a PCIe 1x Wifi Card
  • Also on display was their Idome, a set of digital speakers that were getting audio via Abit's wireless g audio receiver.
  • There's also big news on the FATAL1TY front. FATAL1TY is now a team of people who will help develop Abit's gaming products
  • Due for release in the first quarter is a midrange level FATAL1TY AM2 board. (Model: IN9-SLI)
  • Due for release in the end of this month, is a new high end intel board based on the 690 chipset. (Model: IN9-32x Max)
  • Like Mushkin, Abit is also upping their warranties. Abit is raising the warranty on their motherboards to 3 years and overclocking is encouraged. As long as their is no physical damage, they will take the board back with no questions asked.

CES Day One

1/8/07 (9:40am) - CES Update:
All of the OCC staff members have safely arrived in Vegas for CES and have already started the hunt for cutting edge products & news!

1/8/07 (2:30pm) - CES Update:

(Pics will appear tonight)

  • Geil is working on a prototype memory stick that will hook up directly to the PSU & will have a voltage adjustment directly on the stick itself. This means no more BIOS chip!
  • Geil is also going to be releasing their "1160 Plus" memory that is PC2-9280, runs at 1100MHz, has timings of 4-4-4-12, and requires 2.45V. They're hoping to release 1GB & 2GB Dual Channel kits by March.
  • More news from the Geil booth: The "Black Dragon Gaming Series" of DDR2 Memory. This series runs at 800Mhz, has a CAS timing of 3 and is being targeted at gamers. Word from the booth indicates that these chips have been seeing some extremely high overclocks
  • Vapoli.com was running a phase change setup on an Intel Quad core clocked at 4.1GHz, with temps hovering around -35° to -40°C

1/8/07 (5:15pm) - CES Update:

  • Patriot Memory has the world's fastest memory. How fast you ask? Try 1302MHz! Also on display at the Patriot booth were some engineering samples of DDR3
  • Razer has a few new products being unveiled at CES. They have their "Mako" 2.1 Gaming speakers, their new gaming mouse, the "DeathAdder", as well as a few examples of their Razer Pro|Solutions
  • In addition, Microsoft has released the Reclusa, a gaming keyboard that is "Powered by Razer"

1/8/07 (10:10pm) - CES Update:

  • The new Belkin Easy Transfer Cable for Windows Vista lets you quickly transfer your MP3s and photos as well as your files and emails from your Windows XP-based computer to your PC running Windows Vista.
  • The S6F “Pink Edition,” the newest member of ASUS’ luxurious Leather Collection line, is a notebook that would be right at home in fashion districts from New York to Milan.
  • CES day in review by both Bosco & Raven65

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