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OCZ Vertex 450 Review


OCZ Vertex 450 Conclusion:

First and foremost the elephant in the room. Is OCZ as a company still going to be around to take care of the consumers who have purchased OCZ products? The short answer is yes it is after being purchased by market giant Toshiba. How long the brand will remain a viable entity is, however, still up for debate, but all warranties will be honored (we are told).

That aside, we can get to the Vertex 450 128GB drive that we have looked at today. As far as drive performance goes. the Vertex 450 delivers good performance across the spectrum, especially when you look at read performance where as a single drive it easily meets the read/write rating for the drive of up to 525MB/s sequential read and 290MB/s sequential write in my testing. Adding a second drive to the mix in a RAID 0 configuration drives performance up and over the rated speeds of the 256GB and 512GB Vertex 450 drives. Really that is something you can expect, but then you start thinking of the costs of a pair of 128GB solid state drives. As of the date of this article you can pick up a pair of OCZ Vertex 450 128GB drives for less than $220 with free shipping from select e-tailers. At that price it is hard to overlook the performance generated by a pair of the Vertex 450 drives.

Using its own controller, the Indilinx Barefoot 3 M10, coupled with the latest MLC 20nm NAND flash, OCZ has created a series of drives that use proprietary flash management algorithms for long term performance and reliability. The use of these flash management algorithms allow the Vertex 450 drive to have its entire capacity available to the end user without the over-provisioning seen with LSI Sandforce-based drives. TRIM is supported when using an operating system that supports the TRIM command such as Windows 7 and Win 8.

At $109 for a 128GB drive that comes with a 2.5 to 3.5-inch drive adapter and Acronis drive imaging software, the Vertex 450 128GB drive is an outstanding value for the end user. This low price and 7mm form factor allow the Vertex 450 to be used in both desktop and laptop applications to breathe new life into an older computer. The lower power consumption and speed increases are most noticeable when used in a laptop that may have seen its best battery life when new. Any way you look at it you cannot go wrong with one of these drives from OCZ.



  • Price
  • TRIM support
  • Value
  • Imaging software included
  • Read performance
  • RAID 0 performance
  • Three-year warranty
  • Proprietary controller
  • Added usable capacity



  • Lower write results at 128GB


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