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OCZ Vertex 450 Review

Price: $109.00 Each

OCZ Vertex 450 Introduction:

Over the past few years, one company has been at the forefront when it comes to driving up the adoption rate of solid state drives from the budget minded Agility and Octane series to the upper end Vertex, Vector, and Revo Drive series for the consumer. That company, OCZ, has seen its share of the good and bad when it comes to NAND Flash technology over that time frame. With recent successes such as the Vector drives and maturation of the Indilinx Barefoot 3 NAND controller, OCZ is poised to make a comeback with the budget friendly Vertex 450 drive. Equipped with the Indilinx Barefoot 3 M10 controller, a lower clocked version of the controller, and lower cost IMFT 20nm NAND, you get controlled costs as low as $109 for a 128GB high performance drive. Available in capacities from 128GB to 512GB, the Vertex 450 from OCZ hits all the standard capacities and price points along with a three-year warranty.

128GB drives traditionally have a lower level of performance and this drive is no exception, with the 128GB version sporting sequential read speeds of up to 540MB/s and sequential write speeds up to 290MB/s. The 256GB version, however, is rated at 540MB/s read and 525MB/s write, giving the drive a significant boost in write performance for more than double the cost. So how do you boost performance while saving some coin? Use two smaller drives in a RAID 0 configuration! After the initial setup, it's all upside and increased performance with the same data volatility as using a single drive.

In this review we will take a look at how the Vertex 450 in 128GB trim compares to competitive 240-256GB drives in single and in a dual drive configuration to give a textbook example of what you can expect. Let's see if we can double the performance of a single drive.

OCZ Vertex 450 Closer Look:

OCZ's packaging has not changed much, if at all, since I last looked at the Vector series of drives with the exception of the naming and color scheme. The front panel shows an image of the Vertex 450 drive, the drive name, how it is Indilinx infused, it comes with Acronis True HD drive cloning software, and shows some basic features along the bottom. The back side talks about the upsides to owning an OCZ solid state drive in various languages. Internally the drive is held in place with a dense foam block that also holds the 3.5-inch drive adapter, mounting screws, manuals, and keycode for the included Acronis software. 
















Out of the box the Vertex 450 looks much like most solid state drives, but features OCZ's unique take on the housing that features rounded corners and the full on graphics treatment. The back side of the drive has a label that includes the drive part number and serial number along the bottom of the label. Overall it's a good looking package. Drive connectivity is standard for a SATA 6Gbps drive using the standard SATA power and data cables to connect to the motherboard and power supply. Mounting the Vertex 450 is the same as any other 2.5-inch form factor drive with mounting holes on the sides and bottom of the drive housing.




The drive housing is held together with four screws, one of them covered with a tamper seal that will void your warranty if damaged. Internally the OCZ-designed PCB is held in place with another quartet of screws. The standoffs are high enough to prevent any contact with the PCB or surface mounted components, even with the slim 7mm form factor of this drive. The cover has a small square of thermal interface material that contacts the Indilinx Barefoot 3 controller so that heat from the controller can be passed to the drive housing.



Packed onto the PCB are sixteen 64Gb IMFT Micron 20nm MLC NAND Flash modules that make up the 128GB capacity on this Vertex 450 drive. A 256MB DDR3-1600 DRAM module is used for data caching for the Indilinx Barefoot 3 M10 controller. There is another pad for additional DDR3 memory for use with larger drives.



Whats the deal with two boxes you ask? It's so we can look at the performance metrics delivered by a pair of these drives from OCZ in a RAID 0 configuration.Ultimately to show the added value and performance you get when compared to a single 240-256GB drive. At $109 these are a steal.

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