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OCZ Vector 256GB Review


OCZ Vector 256GB Testing:

In the world of computing, everyone likes a computer that can start up and shut down quickly. The ability to boot into your system as fast as possible allows you to start the tasks you set out to do that much more quickly. Not to mention the older you get, the greater the chance is that you'll forget what you wanted to use the computer for in the first place! The sweet spot is about 30 seconds or less. It is possible with conventional hard drives, though very difficult to attain this "golden" 30-second time. This time should be easier to attain with the speed of an SSD, but the only way to tell is to test it. To run these tests, I used a stopwatch to calculate the number of seconds it took from pressing the power button on the case, to having a fully-functioning desktop. For the shut down test, I began timing from the click of the shut down button in the start menu, and stopped when the system power was off completely.











OCZ's Indilinx drives are some of the fastest to boot the test system in the comparison suite while the average time for an SSD equipped system to shutdown is right around four seconds.

  1. OCZ Vector 256GB Introduction & Closer Look:
  2. OCZ Vector 256GB Specifications & Features
  3. OCZ Vector 256GB Testing: Setup
  4. OCZ Vector 256GB Testing: HDTune
  5. OCZ Vector 256GB Testing: HD Tach, Sisoft Sandra
  6. OCZ Vector 256GB Testing: CrystalDiskMark
  7. OCZ Vector 256GB Testing: ATTO
  8. OCZ Vector 256GB Testing: AS SSD
  9. OCZ Vector 256GB Testing: IO Meter
  10. OCZ Vector 256GB Testing: PCMark Vantage
  11. OCZ Vector 256GB Testing: Startup & Shutdown
  12. OCZ Vector 256GB Conclusion:
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