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OCZ RevoDrive X2 100GB PCI Express Hard Drive Review

Price: $374.99


There are some of us out there that love to live on the bleeding edge of speed. Having the fastest, latest and greatest keeps you on the forefront of technology and ahead of the pack. When it comes to storage, there is a fine line between the speeds that a user wants and the capacities that they need. Solid State Drives (SSDs) have always used the trade off of less space for faster access. To add storage you can combine multiple drives into a RAID array, but you would need an additional drive for each expansion when using a traditional drive setup. SSDs have come a long way since their first introduction with higher capacity memory and faster controllers, such as the SandForce SF-1200 series. Before the RevoDrive, if you wanted to run a RAID setup for SSDs, you needed multiple physical drives and a decent RAID controller. OCZ changed the industry when it released a single drive configuration that runs RAID on a one "drive" setup and onboard RAID all tossed into a PCI Express based configuration with the RevoDrive.

OCZ has been in the SSD business for some time and is no stranger to PCI Express based drives, as we have seen with the original RevoDrive and other lines. The original design was amazing in offering PCI Express based storage technology to consumers and the RevoDrive X2 builds on that model and makes it even faster and with higher capacities. The RevoDrive X2 offers capacities up to 960GB in size with a maximum read speed of 740MB/s and a maximum write speed of 720MB/s based on the drive configuration. Top that off with a three year warranty and a two million hour mean time before failure and you have a solid piece of hardware ready to do some damage. The RevoDrive series was made with speed in mind. Combining multiple banks of SSDs onto a PC Board and linking them together in a RAID-0 design improves read and write speeds for maximum throughput. If you were impressed with the two drive setup, as I was with the original RevoDrive, then you will be just as excited with the RevoDrive X2.


Closer Look:

The OCZ RevoDrive X2 packaging looks the same as the original RevoDrive we reviewed here at OCC last year. The package is made of a sturdy cardboard material that provides excellent protection to the precious drive inside. On the front is the RevoDrive X2 and OCZ logos along with some key features of the device, including having internal RAID functionality, using SandForce controllers, and most intriguing, the ability to be bootable using the unique PCI Express x4 interface. On the back, there are more of the features as well as the specifications and size, alongside a picture of what the PCI Express drive looks like. This particular model we are going to be looking at is the 100GB version.








The RevoDrive X2 is secured very safely in a foam casing. This protects the PC Board and components from damage during movement. It is also wrapped in an anti-static bag to prevent electromagnetic static from damaging the electrical components. Included with the drive are the quick start guide and a sticker that says "My SSD is faster than you HDD". There is not much documentation included with the drive and there is no driver CD, so you will need to access OCZ's website for the necessary drivers for installation of your OS to the drive.



Now that the RevoDrive X2 is out of the box, we can take a closer look at the design.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look: Continued
  3. Closer Look: RAID Controller Software
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing: Setup
  6. Testing: HD Tune 3.50
  7. Testing: HD Tach, SiSoft Sandra
  8. Testing: Crystal Disk Mark
  9. Testing: ATTO
  10. Testing: AS SSD
  11. Testing: IOMeter
  12. Testing: PCMark Vantage
  13. Testing: Windows Startup & Shutdown
  14. Conclusion
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