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OCZ RevoDrive 50GB PCI Express SSD Review



The OCZ RevoDrive PCI Express 50GB drive was a complete pleasure to test. I had no issues whatsoever installing, booting into and running both Windows 7 Professional and Ubuntu Linux 10.10. The installation could not be simpler, just plug into the correct PCIe slot, set the BIOS to ACHI and boot away. The speeds were amazing and I was blown away. When compared to other drives that are in the same price bracket, there is no comparison. The RevoDrive demolished them all. Sure you trade off a bit of storage space for the speed, but when data transfer counts, the RevoDrive steps up to the plate and hits a home run. In almost every instance, the RevoDrive took out not only the single drives but also a dual RAID-0 setup using drives with the same controllers and the same striping size. Not only is the PCIe based design great for speed, but it also allows for further expansion above the number of available SATA ports or drive bays. This allows you to install a drive in a tight SFF case with little issues or to just keep adding blistering storage to your system. This drive is definitely the best bang for the buck when it comes to performance compared to cost. With it being bootable, this could allow you to have the RevoDrive for your OS and programs, leaving a larger mechanical drive for mass storage giving you the perfect balance of speed and space.

There are only a few drawbacks that I see with the RevoDrive (and in reality, they are pretty minor). First, the RevoDrive uses the heavy over-provisioning that we saw with first generation SandForce based drives when they emerged. While there is a total of 64GB of actual NAND flash for the drives, only 50GB is allocated for space of which only 46GB is actually useable when formatted. This is almost 25 percent of the drive set aside for DuraWrite and wear leveling. I would like to see future firmware free up some of that space for actual use. Finally, there is no TRIM support for the drive since TRIM currently doesn't function with RAID arrays. OCZ stated that they are working on a fix for it and hopefully will work out a way to enable it in the future.

Overall, the OCZ RevoDrive is an excellent implementation of solid state drive use and outperforms even the best of the competition. If you are in the market for an SSD and want better performance than a single drive, then I would look into the RevoDrive. You get what you pay for and this is evident in the outstanding performance that the OCZ RevoDrive offers.



  • Fast transfer speeds
  • On par or beats two-drive SandForce RAID-0 setup
  • Bootable and runs Windows and Linux (Confirmed with OS tests)
  • Runs on PCI Express bus using an open X4, X8 or x16 slot
  • Internal RAID-0
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Capacities for all needs from 50GB to 480GB
  • 3 year warranty



  • Over provisioned compared to current SandForce SF-1200 drives
  • No TRIM support yet
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