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OCZ Reaper HPC Edition PC2-9200 2GB DDR2-1150 Review

Price: $199.99 USD


Everybody enjoys having products that perfectly suit their computing style and needs. As an overclocker and enthusiast, it’s hard to find many products that are designed specifically for us. High quality, unmatched performance, and the ability to push it to the limit is what I look for in almost all of my hardware components. Memory is one upgrade that will undoubtedly make your computer faster and allow you to multi-task more efficiently. Exactly what would a set of the OCZ Reaper HPC Edition PC2-9200 2GB DDR2-1150 memory do, performance-wise, to my computer? The stock speed of DDR2-1150 is much higher than the most common DDR2-800, so this memory is clearly for enthusiasts. With the unique heat-spreaders on this memory, the temperatures should be fairly lower; leaving room for overclocking. Let’s see just how far we can push this set of OCZ Reaper HPC Edition PC2-9200 2GB DDR2-1150 memory and how it affects the overall performance of my system.


Closer Look:

The OCZ Reaper HPC Edition PC2-9200 2GB DDR2-1150 memory is securely packaged in easy-to-open plastic. The first thing I noticed was the heat pipe over top of the sticks. They almost look like handles for the memory. The back of the package has a little diagram showing you how the heat-spreaders work. 











Once you get the OCZ Reaper HPC Edition PC2-9200 2GB DDR2-1150 out of the package, you’ll notice they have the OCZ Technology logo on one side and a sticker displaying the stock settings on the other side. Take a closer look at how the heat pipe connects to the RAM and aids in heat dissipation.




Now that we’ve examined this unique heat-spreader, let’s install this set of high performance memory.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Installation & Specifications
  3. Testing: CPU-Z, Task Manager
  4. Testing: PCMark05, SiSoft Sandra
  5. Testing: Cachemem, Far Cry
  6. Overclocking: Results, PCMark05, SiSoft Sandra
  7. Overclocking: Cachemem, Far Cry
  8. Conclusion
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