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OCZ Gladiator MAX Review

Price: $45.99


Are you big on overclocking your processor? Well if you are, you know exactly how important it is to make it run as cool as possible. This is where the role of a CPU cooler comes into play. We are all looking for that perfect cooler that is going to allow us to get that last MHz out of our processor, but how can we do it when we are sitting at very high load temperatures? OCZ may have a solution for you with the release of their Gladiator MAX CPU Cooler. OCZ has always been a trusted name when it comes down to the CPU cooling business, and they have come out with the Gladiator MAX that has the heatpipes bare on the base for direct contatct with your CPUs IHS. I am very curious to see how well it's going to be able to cool my processor when overclocked and put up against some of the already proven coolers out on the market.

Closer Look:

The packaging for the OCZ Gladiator MAX is a very intersting looking package; the front allows you to see the OCZ fan that you are able to mount on the Gladiator to help cool it through a cut-out covered by a clear plastic. The OCZ logo is in the upper left hand corner. The right hand side of the front has the description of the cooler as being a "High performance CPU Cooler", while the bottom of the package is where you are going to find the Gladiator MAX name printed. There is a small picture of the Gladiator on the front down in the lower left-hand corner of the cutout. When you look at the back of the package, you are going to see a picture of the cooler without the fan installed on it with the Gladiator MAX logo printed under it. There is a bunch of contact information printed at the bottom of the back as well. Taking a look at one of the sides, you are going to find the key features while the other side is where you are going to find the specifications along with the different applications for the OCZ Gladiator MAX.











The way that the Gladiator MAX is packaged is different; the cooler is packaged in a foam protector to keep it safe during transportation, and the fan is in its own molding to keep it separate from the cooler and safe from hurting the fins. There is a bag of goodies tucked away in the molding for the cooler and a user manual floating around outside the moldings.


Inside the bag of goodies is where you are going to find everything you need to mount the OCZ Gladiator MAX to your motherboard, to cool your processor as well as everything that you are going to need to mount the fan to the heatsink. There are two different brackets for different socket types, making the heatsink able to be mounted on different motherboard and makes. There are four black rubber pieces that you slide between the fins on the heatsink and then press through the screw holes to mount the fan to the Gladiator; this helps reduce the noise of the setup.



Now that we know how the OCZ Gladiator MAX was packaged and what comes with it, the next step is to take a close look at the cooler itself.

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  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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