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OCZ EliteXStream 800W Review

Price: $179.99


With the release of some of the newer processors, you may begin to think that your power supply is not going to be powerful enough to power all of the components. Maybe you have some of the top-of-the-line components, like running Crossfire or SLI, or you want to protect yourself when it comes to powering your setup. This is where the name OCZ comes to mind. The company has a great lineup of power supplies and it has recently released a new one that can produce up to 800 watts, called the OCZ EliteXStream. What sets this power supply apart from the other power supplies that you could get? I will put the OCZ EliteXStream 800W power supply to the test and see how well it compares to some of the others.  

Closer Look:  

When you take a look at the front of the packaging for the OCZ EliteXStream 800W power supply, you will see a large picture of the power supply on the right hand side of the box. On the left side is where the power rating for the EliteXStream is located; the 800W is very large and bold, allowing you to easily see it and have it grab your attention, getting you attracted to the unit. In the middle of the box, OCZ decided to put some of the main features of the EliteXStream 800W power supply, which includes that the power supply is ready to power an SLI setup. In the lower left hand corner, you can see the five year warranty that OCZ placed on the EliteXStream. The back of the box is where you are able to see more of the features and useful information about the EliteXStream 800W power supply and see another picture of the power supply. Both of the sides are very similar as they both display a picture of the OCZ EliteXStream 800W power supply, and the bottom, in large bold print, states the 800W power rating.  




When you open the package of the OCZ EliteXStream 800W power supply, you notice that there is a piece of white cardboard keeping the EliteXStream from receiving any damage during the shipping process and keeping it in place. This is also done on the reverse side of the cardboard, having foam pieces to keep the unit in place. On top of the cardboard lies a user manual. You get your first glimpse at the OCZ EliteXStream 800W power supply when you move the cardboard on top. The unit is wrapped in a light pinkish colored plastic bag to reduce the chance of receiving any scratches during the shipping process. Inside the box, you get not only the power supply and user manual, you also receive a power cord to power the EliteXStream and some screws so you are able to mount it in your case.  



Let's keep looking at the OCZ EliteXStream 800W power supply and see what it looks like on the inside.  

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