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OCZ Dominatrix Laser Gaming Mouse Review

Price: $34.99


It's no secret that manufacturers are trying hard to bring so called unique products to market. Computer peripherals are one of those things where there is so much choice, yet so little difference between each and every product. There are so many on the market today it can be hard for us consumers to find what we really want and need. Whether it's for home, work or gaming, having a good mouse is important if you want to keep your hand and wrist in good shape. Comfort will also most likely increase your productivity since you won't be taking breaks as often. For gaming, you really need more than what an average mouse has to offer. Speed, precision and even comfort comes to mind. If you're not fast enough, you will be left behind and if you're not accurate enough, nothing will stop people from easily passing you by. While spending all those hours gaming, one might as well have a mouse that feels good and performs well. After all, mice are pretty much an extension of our bodies nowadays.

Some of you might not be aware, but OCZ doesn't only manufacture memory based products such as RAM and flash drives, but also some peripherals including mice, keyboards, mouse pads, as well as what they call NIA, a neural impulse actuator. Today, I will be looking at OCZ's latest gaming mouse, released just a few weeks ago, the Equalizer's successor – named the Dominatrix Laser Gaming Mouse. When OCZ does something, it's usually done right, so let's see if this product can keep that trend going and if this mouse can truly dominate its competitors!


Closer look:

OCZ ships the Dominatrix into a decent looking, solid, cardboard box. On the front, every important feature is clearly printed white on black around the edges with the mouse right in the middle grabbing most of the attention. On the back, every feature has a short and clear description so it is easy to figure out what we're dealing with. Obviously, OCZ doesn't want you to forget about the company and its mouse so their logo is listed in large, white and stylish font all around the box. Should you have any problems, OCZ offers a three year warranty, even though it only says 12 months on the back of the box.






Once taken out of its box, the Dominatrix is protected by a plastic clamshell, nothing out of the ordinary, but it does the job well. The user manual is found inside along with a driver disc and seven 40 grams weights. A grand total of 280 gram for the less mathematically inclined. As you can see, the paper disc case looks quite beat up, but it is simply because it was tightly packed inside the shell. Finally, at the other end of the well sized wire, a gold plated USB connector can be found.



Let's it take it out of its packaging and have a better look at it now.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer look (Continued)
  3. Configuration
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing
  6. Conclusion
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