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OCZ Agility Series 120GB SSD Review



A couple of things have kept the SSD market from really taking off - price, capacity, and the early bad rap they had due to stuttering problems associated with drives equipped with the Jmicron controller. The Indilinx "Barefoot" controllers and 64MB of onboard cache seems to have solved that problem, and it shows with the OCZ Agility. Capacity is the second item tossed around as a strong deterrent to ownership. Capacities have been increasing all the way up to 1TB, with OCZ leading the way with the OCZ Colossus and Z drives. So capacity is something of a moot point at this time. A 120GB drive offers more than enough space for your operating system and more than a few programs and games. However, SSDs are still best used in a combination with a mechanical drive to get the best of both worlds (speed and storage space) because of the final point - the price. Price is one of the biggest obstacles to widespread use. The OCZ Agility can be had for as little as $309 after rebate ($349 without), making the pricing of this drive aggressive when compared to many of the drives available at your favorite e-tailors. Of course, the pricing goes up exponentially as drive capacity rises. So really, you have to look at what fits your performance budget - a couple of smaller drives or a larger single drive.

When it comes to performance, the OCZ Agility had some mixed results. Don't get me wrong, this drive is miles ahead of any mechanical drive on the market, but seemed to struggle in the lower file size testing when compared to the comparison SSDs. However, it did perform quite well in the larger file size testing and delivered some excellent performance numbers. In the ATTO testing, I saw write numbers well in excess of the 135MB/s rated speeds, while the read speeds were right on the money at 230MB/s - both excellent performance indicators. However, not everyone is looking for a drive that "benchmarks" well, but rather one that offers a tangible feel of being faster than a mechanical drive. This the OCZ Agility does in spades. Booting the computer was faster and loading games happens faster. Loading this drive into my HP 311 Mini gave the same benefits, as well as increased the battery life in comparison to the standard mechanical drive that was installed in it originally. Feel is everything and is something the average user can relate to rather than just a bunch of numbers. As the old saying goes, actions not words, prove the point. This Agility drive was shipped with the 1.4 firmware and currently there is an updated firmware available for all the Agility drives. Initially there was a problem updating this particular drive, but this has been resolved with a fix in OCZ's support forums. The OCZ Agility series drives offer performance far in excess of a mechanical drive, comes in capacities from 30 to 250GB, come with a 3-year warranty, Trim support, Low power usage, and outstanding customer support - all for a price that won't quite break the bank.



  • Performance
  • Warranty
  • Trim Support
  • Larger Capacity
  • Customer support
  • Price
  • Access time
  • Useability



  • Price


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