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OCC PAX West 2018 Recap


Introduction: PAX West 2018!

This year the OverclockersClub team was able to make it to PAX West for an exciting adventure. The Seattle Convention Center was packed with hundreds of booths ranging from Contra-style indie shooters to build-your-own world and shared user-created content type games. Of course, PAX wouldn't have been complete without the big studios and the dozens of panels talking about your favorite subjects. In fact PAX West was so big, I wasn't even able to play half the games over four days! I was able to sneak in a few interviews in between playing games, however. For the most part, I ran out of time and some of the booths actually didn't have any developers on site that I could chat with, which was disappointing, to say the least.



AMD: It Has Ray Tracing, Too!

I was able to chat with James Prior - Senior Product Manager at AMD. He had some good talking points and even taught me something. I vaguely remember AMD talking about Ray Tracing in 2017, but turns out AMD released a real-time open-source Ray Tracing modular called ProRender rendering engine, which is supported on the Vega CPU architecture. It just so happens this was released in March 2018. Along with this, AMD has made major strives to take Intel head-on in the CPU market to create strong competition. If you are interested to see what AMD has to offer as of late, check out the interview I did with James Prior.


HyperX: New Keyboard Announcement

This year at PAX West, HyperX released its Alloy FPS RGB keyboard with Kailh (Kai-Wah) Silver switches. If you didn't pick one up at the convention, it will be available at usual retail outlets sometime in October 2018. Besides the keyboard unveiling, I got my hands on the PlayStation Cloud headset. I've been using my Cloud 2 headset on the PS4 for quite some time, but now you can get one that matches the PlayStation color scheme. From what can tell, it is the same headset packaged without the USB dongle and the different color scheme, of course. To round it out, I was up close and personal with the HyperX RGB SSD and Predator RGB RAM. Both look amazing in person!



Question Games: The Blackout Club

Have you heard of The Blackout Club? How about BioShock or Dishonored? Well, Question Games was founded by some of the BioShock team and I was able to Interview Jordan Thomas - Co-owner of Question Games and the lead on The Blackout Club. In short, the game is about a group of kids who are trying to unravel a mystery surrounding the town. It seems the adults sleep walk and have no memories of this in the morning. it is looking to shape up to be a really awesome game scheduled for "sometime" in 2019.


Behinds The Scenes: Having Fun At PAX

While, technically, I was on assignment, my camerawoman (wife) and I had lots of fun and got lost a few times in the Seattle metro area when our phones' GPS stopped working. You never realize how much we all depend on phones nowadays, until the phone is either dead or not properly functioning. But alas, we got around just fine with some local help. Worst part is that neither of us thought to remember which parking garage we came out of because all we wanted to do was attend PAX. Using joint detective work with only the number 1700 and the word Starbucks, we narrowed it down to only a few choices later in the afternoon. If you like behind the scenes style vlogs, check this one out and see what it's like to be semi-lost for a day, roaming PAX, and the after-party Acer had going down at The Showbox.



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