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OCC 2013 Products of the Year

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OCC 2013 Input Device of the Year:

Winner: CM Storm QuickFire Stealth Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards became very popular in the last few years. They offer a different typing and gaming experience, which can be labeled as in a class of its own compared to rubber dome-based devices. Cooler Master, under its CM Storm brand, offers a wide choice of mechanical keyboards that are very well built and come at irresistible prices. This year’s pick is the CM Storm QuickFire Stealth, which is a stealthy version of the CM Storm QuickFire Rapid. This tenkeyless keyboard has a compact form-factor due to the missing number pad, which makes it very convenient to use when desk real estate is a concern. It is built to the image of the legendary Filco Ninja Majestouch-2 Tenkeyless, considered to be one of the best keyboards available.

However, Cooler Master added its own touch by adding a very clever USB cable routing channel on the back, a removable USB cable, and a smooth coating on the body. Also, included in the box are four red-colored WASD key caps, just in case one might need some extra bearings while playing. These colored keycaps are easily swapped with the included – and very handy – key cap removal tool. The key caps are what give the CM Storm QuickFire Stealth its name; they are printed on the face-side and not on the top like every other keyboard, the end result is a very clean look that will last for a long while. No faded ugly keys here since they never come in contact with finger tips.

The CM Storm QuickFire Stealth Mechanical Keyboard is built to survive a zombie apocalypse; we can vouch for that! It has great looks, small form factor, and it’s a pleasure to type and game on; all at an irresistible price tag of $89.99. I just wish that Cooler Master start selling the key caps as replacement parts. 








ROCCAT Kone Pure Optical Gaming Mouse:

The Kone Pure is yet another offering from ROCCAT. Looking at the reviews for ROCCAT’s products, there was always some flaw that kept the OCC Gold Award out of reach. However, the ROCCAT Kone Pure Optical Gaming Mouse managed to take that award home. This mouse is comfortable, very well built, and the button layout is well thought out. The highlights of the Kone Pure are the customizable 24-bit coloring, the programmable buttons, and the Easy-Shift[+] function. The functionality is controlled via the bundled software. Overall, the ROCCAT Kone Pure is a great little mouse that suffers only from the slow writes when applying setting from the software.


Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard:

This keyboard is one of Logitech’s latest offerings and it seems to live to the manufacturer's reputation. It is very well built and has quite the feature set that will appeal to gamers looking for a solid yet non-mechanical option. The Logitech G510s is a full keyboard, which means you will not be missing on the number pad. It is also equipped with dedicated media keys with a scroll volume control, an onboard physical switch for toggling the Windows key, 18 macro keys, and a small screen labeled GAMEPANEL LCD. The full RGB backlight is another neat feature that will let you customize your game profiles with colors that are not available on regular LED backlit products. The Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard is available at the $100+ range, which can be quite the dilemma knowing that Corsair, Cooler Master, and Razer play in the same league and offer some interesting alternatives.

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