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NZXT Source 210 Review


Closer Look:

Upon first look inside the case, it's easy to spot what it lacks. The case only ships with one 120mm fan leaving it up to you to get fans for the front, top, bottom, and side panel of the case. The case does include some of the usual features you'd expect from any case, like the hole in the motherboard tray for swapping waterblocks or heatsinks and holes for wire management. Moving on to the front of the case, we have fan holes for the optional front 120mm intake fans. As mentioned earlier, the case includes 20mm of space behind the motherboard tray so you can run wires with ease.














Unlike some cases, NZXT chose to not utilize any tool-less solutions, thus requiring screws to install your 5.25" and 3.5" drives. The case supports up to three 5.25" devices and eight 3.5" devices and mounts all hard drives toward the front to maximize fan exposure from the optional front fans. Here we have a closer look at the lone 120mm fan included with the case. Other than obviously being 120mm, no other specifications are given about the fan. Up next we have our internal headers for USB, front audio, switches, and LEDs.




The Source 210 ships with a bag of hardware containing the necessary screws for your setup as well as three zip ties. The Source 210 also ships with a manual. Next up, we have pictures of each of the side panels of the case. Last but not least, we have our front panel off of the case, which is quite easy to remove and reinstall by simply pulling it off or pushing it back on into place.




We have to build it to test it, so here it is, the final build. Since the hard disk drives mount the way they do, wires cannot be as easily hidden away, which creates some additional clutter. The case also seems to suffer from another sad issue. Looking closely at the image, it's not hard to tell what it is. If you have a graphics card as long as 10.5", then you won't be able to use a hard drive in the bay directly in front of your graphics card. This could be even worse if your plan is to install more than one graphics card at any point, so beware of this if this is something you plan on doing now or in the future. Other than these few downfalls, the case install does go smoothly, and you can certainly get in at least six hard drives with only one 10.5" or greater length graphics card.


The lack of included fans is a bit daunting, since the case probably won't perform well without them, especially considering the competition it is up against. But let's see how well it fairs.

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  2. Closer Look (The Case)
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  4. Specifications & Features
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  6. Conclusion
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